Explore the Artistic Treasures of Bakersfield Museum of Art

Hello, art lovers! If you’re looking for a cultural adventure, look no further than the Bakersfield Museum of Art. Located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, this museum boasts an impressive collection of art from the past and present. Whether you’re interested in traditional paintings, sculpture, or contemporary exhibitions, the Bakersfield Museum of Art has something for everyone. Here, you can explore the artistic treasures of the region and beyond, all under one roof.

Bakersfield Museum of Art

Introduction to the Bakersfield Museum of Art

The Bakersfield Museum of Art (BMoA) was initially established in 1956 as a Memorial Art Gallery in honour of S. Edgar and Nora Deihl’s daughter, Marion. The museum was created to provide a platform for artists within the region and encourage cultural awareness and appreciation of art in the community.

Since its inception, the museum has undergone renovations and upgrades, expanding both the exhibition space and the collection size. It now stands as a prominent institution within the Kern County region, attracting both regional and national artists.

The museum is located at 1930 R Street in Bakersfield, California, and open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM. However, due to the pandemic, the museum is offering virtual exhibitions and online programs for its patrons.

BMoA exhibits various pieces in its galleries, from modern contemporary art to traditional fine art. The collection showcases art from local artists and pieces from international collections.

Collections of the Bakersfield Museum of Art

The museum’s collection includes over 1,500 works in its permanent collection, which include sculptures, paintings, drawings, and prints. The works are divided into series, including the Early California Scenes collection, which showcases the history and culture of California from the 1800s to the early 1900s.

Some notable works in BMoA’s permanent collection include sculptures by renowned artists like Jules Brenner and Ettore DeGrazia, paintings by Grace Carpenter Hudson and Mabel Alvarez, and photographs by Roman Loranc.

Besides this, the museum focuses on showcasing works from the Central Valley, providing a platform for regional artists to showcase their talents. These collections display the work of artists including Louis Aldana, Kristopher Stallworth, and Dave Bohn.

The museum also houses a temporary exhibition space where it holds contemporary exhibitions from local, regional, and international artists. These exhibitions showcase different genres and mediums of art and offer insight into different times, cultures, and movements.

Events and Programs at the Bakersfield Museum of Art

BMoA offers various programs, classes, and events aimed at engaging visitors with the art and promoting cultural awareness.

The museum holds workshops, classes, and talks that cater to different age groups, allowing visitors to learn about art in an interactive and fun way. Additionally, the museum also collaborates with local schools, bringing students into the museum to engage with the art.

BMoA also holds annual events like the ArtMix Gala, which brings together artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts in a night of food, drinks, and music to support the museum. There is also a summer art camp for children from ages 6 to 12.

Due to COVID-19, BMoA has shifted its programs and events online, offering virtual exhibitions and lectures on their website, providing patrons with a unique experience of the art world from the comfort of their homes.

In summary, BMoA stands as a cultural landmark in the Central Valley, offering visitors a glimpse into the artistic community within the region and beyond. Through its collections, programs, and events, the museum encourages cultural appreciation and expression, making a significant contribution to the development of Kern County.

Visiting the Bakersfield Museum of Art

The Bakersfield Museum of Art is a non-profit art museum located in Bakersfield, California, that features a collection of visual and cultural art exhibits. It is a popular destination for art enthusiasts, tourists, and locals who appreciate fine art and culture. Visitors can explore the museum’s unique exhibits, attend special events, and enjoy various culinary options, making it an excellent destination for a day of culture and art appreciation.

Tickets and Admission

The Bakersfield Museum of Art offers affordable ticket prices that vary based on age, membership status, and group size. The museum also offers discounts for seniors, students, and military personnel, making it an attractive and accessible destination for all. Visitors can also take advantage of free admission days on specific days throughout the year to explore the museum at no cost.

Visitors can purchase tickets to the museum online, over the phone, or in person. They can choose from various payment options, including credit cards, cash, or checks. Group rates are also available for large groups, schools, and non-profit organizations, making it an ideal option for field trips, corporate outings, and other group events.

Finding Your Way Around the Museum

The Bakersfield Museum of Art has an easy-to-follow map that outlines the various galleries and exhibits on display. Visitors can also access accessibility information and accommodations for visitors with disabilities. The museum offers guided tours and audio guides for visitors who want to learn more about the art collection and its historical significance.

The guided tours are available for individuals or groups and can be customized based on the visitor’s interests and needs. Audio guides are available in various languages, including Spanish, making it accessible to non-English speakers.

Dining and Shopping at the Bakersfield Museum of Art

The Bakersfield Museum of Art has various dining options, including a café and restaurant that offer visitors a chance to enjoy delicious meals and drinks. The café is perfect for a quick bite or coffee break, while the restaurant provides a more formal dining experience that visitors can enjoy with family and friends.

The museum also has unique gift shops and bookstores that offer souvenirs, art prints, and books that visitors can purchase as a keepsake or to support the museum’s collection. The bookstores also have unique collections that include rare and out-of-print books that are not available elsewhere.

The Bakersfield Museum of Art is an excellent destination for art and culture enthusiasts, students, and families who want to explore the art world. It offers affordable ticket prices, various dining options, and unique shopping experiences that make it an ideal destination for a day of art appreciation and culture immersion.

Museum History and Artifacts

The Museum’s Founding and Early Days

The Bakersfield Museum of Art (BMoA) was established in 1956 by a group of art enthusiasts who wanted to bring the beauty of art to the community of Bakersfield. The museum was initially located in a small space in the basement of the Kern County Public Library but has since moved to its current location on 19th Street.

The BMoA is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote the visual arts and provide educational opportunities to the public, particularly to young people. Throughout its more than 60 years of operation, the museum has remained a vital cultural institution in the area, providing a platform for local artists to showcase their works as well as featuring exhibits from art collections around the world.

The Museum’s Iconic Collections and Artifacts

The Bakersfield Museum of Art houses a comprehensive collection of contemporary and modern art, including paintings, photographs, sculptures, and mixed-media installations. The museum’s galleries feature works by both emerging and established artists, with a special emphasis on Californian artists.

One of the museum’s most iconic collections is the “California Impressionism” collection. This collection showcases paintings of the early 20th century, with a focus on capturing the beauty of the California landscape. Notable artists include Guy Rose, Granville Redmond, and William Wendt, among others.

The museum also has an impressive collection of photographs, including pieces by celebrated 20th-century photographers such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Imogen Cunningham. The museum prides itself on providing diverse and inclusive exhibits and collections that reflect the vibrancy and cultural richness of the community it serves.

Restoring and Maintaining Artifacts

Preserving and maintaining the museum’s extensive collection of art and artifacts is paramount to the museum’s mission. The preservation of art objects involves preventing or slowing down degradation caused by environmental damage, such as light, temperature, and humidity.

The museum has a team of highly skilled technicians and restorers who specialize in restoring and preserving art objects. They use different techniques, ranging from preventative measures such as environmental monitoring to physical remediation and restoration. The team takes careful measures to ensure that the restoration process does not alter the original appearance or integrity of an artwork.

The museum also relies on traditional conservation techniques such as regular cleaning and maintenance, the use of archival storage materials, and proper handling and transport of art objects. BMoA has a state-of-the-art on-site storage facility that includes archival quality shelving, temperature, and humidity control systems, and security measures to ensure the safekeeping of the museum’s valuable collections.

In conclusion, the Bakersfield Museum of Art’s history and artifacts are a testament to the museum’s commitment to preserving and promoting the visual arts in the community. With its diverse collections, exhibits, and educational programs, the museum is truly a cultural gem and an essential institution for art lovers of all ages.

Community Outreach and Involvement

The Museum’s Engagement with the Community

The Bakersfield Museum of Art has a deep commitment to connecting with the community. The museum hosts a variety of events and programs throughout the year, to ensure that everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, has access to art. In addition, the museum has partnerships with other community organizations, working together on initiatives that aim to bring art to underserved communities.

One of the museum’s core programs is its outreach program. Through this program, the museum works closely with schools and community organizations to provide art education, tours, and other resources. The museum’s outreach team works closely with teachers to develop curricula that aligns with California state standards for art education.

The museum also hosts a range of community events, including art festivals, exhibitions, and artist talks. These events are designed to introduce the community to new art forms, promote artistic expression, and foster creativity.

Volunteering at the Bakersfield Museum of Art

Volunteering is a great way to get involved with the Bakersfield Museum of Art. Volunteers play a crucial role in the museum’s day-to-day operations. They help with everything from welcoming visitors, guiding tours, and providing support during events. Volunteering can also provide a range of benefits, including the opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends, and help promote a cause that you care about.

There are many different opportunities available for volunteering at the museum. Volunteer roles include gallery attendants, docents, event coordinators, and more. Whether you have an interest in art or simply want to help the community, there is a volunteer role that will suit your skills and interests.

To get involved, simply visit the museum’s website and fill out a volunteer application. Once your application has been processed, a museum staff member will be in touch to discuss potential opportunities.

Supporting the Bakersfield Museum of Art

The Bakersfield Museum of Art relies on the support of donors and sponsors to continue its mission. There are many different ways to support the museum, from making a one-time donation to becoming a member or sponsor.

Donations help to fund the museum’s ongoing programs, including exhibitions, outreach initiatives, and events. They can be made online, by phone, or in-person. In addition to financial support, the museum also accepts donations of artwork, which can help to enrich its collections.

Membership programs offer a range of benefits to donors, including free admission to the museum, access to special events, and discounts at the museum’s gift shop. There are membership levels to suit all budgets, from individual memberships to corporate partnerships.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available to businesses and organizations. Sponsors receive recognition in the museum’s marketing materials and benefit from exposure to the museum’s audience. This can be a great way to support the museum while also promoting your own brand.

In conclusion, the Bakersfield Museum of Art is a vital part of the local community. Its commitment to outreach and involvement ensures that everyone has access to art, while its extensive collection and exhibitions celebrate the richness of the human experience. Whether you are interested in volunteering, making a donation, or simply exploring the museum, there are many ways to get involved and support this important institution.

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