Exploring the Fascinating History of Bavaria at Bayernhof Museum

Hello and welcome to a journey back in time to the wonderful region of Bavaria, located in the southeast of Germany. Bavaria is known for its picturesque landscapes, traditional culture, and rich history. If you are interested in exploring the fascinating past of this region, then Bayernhof Museum is the perfect destination for you. This hidden gem of a museum is home to an impressive collection of historical artifacts that offer an intimate look into the lifestyle, art, and architecture of Bavarians from the past. Let’s take a closer look!

The Splendor of Bayernhof Museum

Introduction to Bayernhof Museum

Bayernhof Museum, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a hidden gem that showcases an extraordinary collection of antique music machines and other decorative arts. Founded by Charles Brown III, the museum is known for its unique collection of automatic musical instruments, phonographs, and player pianos, which have been preserved and restored for visitors to enjoy.

The museum received its name from the German word “Bayernhof,” which means “Bavarian Court.” The name aptly describes the grandeur and magnificence of the five-story mansion that houses the museum’s incredible collections.

Exhibits in Bayernhof Museum

Bayernhof Museum boasts an impressive collection of over 150 automated musical instruments, including an original Mortier dance organ, a steam calliope, and numerous nickelodeons. In addition to the music machines, the museum also features an extensive collection of American decorative arts, which highlights the Art Nouveau movement. Visitors can admire the works of famous designers and artists such as Gustav Stickley furniture and Tiffany lampshades.

Visitors can explore the museum’s beautiful gardens, which cover over two acres of land and feature three fountains, a reflecting pool, and a greenhouse. The gardens are a perfect place to relax and take in the majestic surroundings.

Touring Bayernhof Museum

Bayernhof Museum offers guided tours of the mansion, which take visitors through each of the five floors. The guided tour includes the history of the mansion, the life of Charles Brown III, and a showcase of the various decorative arts on display. Visitors can enjoy a first-hand experience of the museum’s antique music machines, which are still in excellent working condition. The knowledgeable tour guides provide valuable insights into the history, design, and cultural significance of each exhibit.

The museum also provides private events, special public tours, educational tours for school groups, and guided tours. Visitors can choose the type of tour that suits their interests and time constraints. The museum supports learning and education and welcomes visitors of all ages.

In conclusion, Bayernhof Museum is a must-visit attraction, providing a unique and enriching experience for visitors. The magnificent five-story mansion, the vast collection of antique music machines and American decorative arts, and the beautiful gardens make the museum a true masterpiece. The museum successfully preserves and showcases a significant part of history and culture, which would have otherwise been lost. A visit to Bayernhof Museum is a journey through time and an opportunity to appreciate the splendor and grandeur of another era.

So, if you are a lover of music, art, and history or wish to experience something unique, visit the Bayernhof Museum today!

History of Bayernhof Museum

The Bayernhof Museum is a museum and mansion located in the Fox Chapel area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The museum is home to an extensive collection of antique music machines, decorative arts, and paintings.

Origins of Charles Brown’s Passion for Music Machines

The founder of Bayernhof Museum, Charles Brown III, was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a child, he was fascinated by the phonographs he saw in his grandfather’s home. This initial fascination sparked Charles’ lifelong passion for music machines.

Charles’s collection of antique music machines was unique and extensive, which he accumulated over 30 years. His collection included antique self-playing instruments, music boxes, phonographs, and orchestrions.

Charles’s passion for music machines was not limited to his love for antique music machines. He had a keen interest in engineering and often repaired and restored damaged antique music machines in his collection.

How the Bayernhof Mansion Turned into a Museum

In 1979, Charles Brown III purchased a five-story mansion built-in 1908 for a wealthy coal magnate named Ferdinand J. Follansbee, who used the mansion as his summer home. The mansion was located in the Fox Chapel area of Pittsburgh.

Charles spent the next ten years restoring and renovating the mansion while also stocking it with his extensive collection of music machines. He installed several rooms in the mansion to house his collection, including a music room and a room for self-playing instruments.

After ten years of restoration and collecting, Charles Brown opened the Bayernhof Museum in 1991, allowing the public to enjoy his collection of antique music machines and paintings housed in the mansion.

Legacy of Charles Brown

Charles Brown III passed away in 1999, leaving behind the museum’s collection and mansion as his legacy. Today, the Bayernhof Museum allows visitors to experience the luxurious lifestyle and passion for collecting music machines and decorative arts of Charles Brown.

The museum continues Charles’s legacy by inspiring future generations of art and antique enthusiasts that visit the museum.

Today, the Bayernhof Museum is open for tours, allowing visitors to experience Charles Brown’s passion for collecting and restoring antique music machines and witness the luxurious lifestyle of a wealthy coal magnate in the early 1900s.

Visitors can book guided tours of the mansion, which includes viewing the collection of music machines, paintings, sculptures, and other decorative arts. They can also explore the gardens surrounding the mansion and enjoy the beautiful views from the mansion’s terrace.

The Bayernhof Museum is a unique and exciting place that offers a glimpse into the past and the life of Charles Brown III, who turned his passion into a legacy.

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