Exploring the Characters from Night at the Museum

Hello there! Are you a fan of Night at the Museum? If so, you must have been fascinated by the intriguing characters that come to life in the museum at night. From the friendly and intelligent Theodore Roosevelt to the mischievous monkey, Dexter, the movie offers a diverse and interesting cast of characters. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the most popular and memorable characters from the film. So, grab some popcorn and let’s dive in!

Characters from Night at the Museum

An Introduction to the Movie

Night at the Museum is a hilarious and action-packed fantasy-comedy movie that weaves together different museum exhibits and brings them to life after dark. The movie has a unique and captivating storyline as it features exhibits as the main characters. The exhibits are on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, but at night, they have their own adventures.

The movie centers around Larry Daley, a businessman down on his luck who is desperately searching for employment. Larry takes up the job of a night watchman at the museum, only to find out that the exhibits come to life at night. The movie then follows Larry on his adventures with other characters from the exhibits.


Larry Daley is the protagonist of the movie. He must navigate through the museum’s mysteries with the help of various characters from the exhibits. Teddy Roosevelt, played excellently by the great Robin Williams, is the former President of the United States, and he soon becomes Larry’s ally. The two are joined by many other exhibits, who help them save the museum from being closed down.

In real life, Teddy Roosevelt was instrumental in the formation of the American Museum of Natural History, so it’s only fitting that he plays a crucial role in the movie. Larry’s character is played by Ben Stiller, who does a great job in bringing the character to life.


Two main antagonists in the movie are Kahmunrah, a fictional Egyptian Pharaoh, and Ivan the Terrible, a Russian Tsar. Kahmunrah and Ivan come to life from their respective exhibitions and cause trouble for Larry and all the other characters. Kahmunrah wants to use an ancient tablet to take over the world, while Ivan the Terrible allies with Kahmunrah to help him achieve his goals. The movie’s exhibits, together with Larry and Roosevelt, are determined to stop them.

Each exhibit from the movie has its unique personality and backstory, but Kahmunrah and Ivan are two of the most memorable characters. They are portrayed magnificently by Hank Azaria and Christopher Guest, respectively.

In conclusion, Night at the Museum is an enjoyable movie that brings museum exhibits to life. The characters from the exhibits are just as important as the human characters, making the movie more interesting and engaging. With Larry, Teddy Roosevelt, and all the other exhibits, the movie showcases teamwork, action, and adventure that everyone can enjoy.

Iconic Characters and Their Personalities

Dum Dum

Dum Dum is the first exhibit that Larry Daley encounters when he starts working as a night guard at the American Museum of Natural History. He is a toy cap gun cowboy who becomes Larry’s best friend after helping him locate Teddy Roosevelt’s exhibit. Dum Dum is a very confident and self-assured character, and he is always willing to help others. His loyalty to Larry is unwavering, and he proves to be a valuable ally throughout the movie.

One of the most admirable traits of Dum Dum is his courage. He is always ready to face any challenge that comes his way, no matter how dangerous it may be. This makes him a great asset to Larry, who relies on his guidance and support to navigate the many galleries in the museum. Dum Dum’s unwavering determination and positive attitude make him one of the most beloved characters in the Night at the Museum franchise.


Rexy is a comedic Tyrannosaurus exhibit in the museum who has a bit of a crush on Teddy Roosevelt. He is not particularly intelligent, and he has a very volatile temper. However, these flaws make him an exciting character to follow throughout the movie.

Rexy’s childish behavior is one of his most striking characteristics. He is always seeking attention from others, especially Teddy Roosevelt, whom he idolizes. Unfortunately, his attempts to impress Teddy usually result in him causing chaos and destruction in the museum. However, despite his shortcomings, Rexy retains his likable charm throughout the movie.


Sacajawea is a Native American guide exhibit in the museum, and she is one of the most intelligent characters in the movie. She uses her vast knowledge of nature and history to help Larry navigate through the museum and solve various problems along the way.

One of the most admirable traits of Sacajawea is her tenacity. She is always up for a challenge, and she never backs down from difficult situations. Her resourcefulness and wit allow her to overcome the many obstacles that she and Larry face on their adventure. Moreover, her calm and collected demeanor make her one of the most level-headed characters in the movie.

Overall, the iconic characters in Night at the Museum are a diverse and entertaining bunch with unique personalities that make them relatable and endearing to audiences of all ages. These characters, especially Dum Dum, Rexy, and Sacajawea, make the movie a timeless classic that will continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of viewers for generations to come.

The Importance of Supporting Characters

While the main character in Night at the Museum is Larry Daley, the supporting characters also play an important role in the movie’s success. Not only do they serve as comic relief, but they also help move the plot forward and add depth to the story. Here are three of the most memorable supporting characters in Night at the Museum – Octavius, Jedediah, and Mao.


Octavius is a miniature Roman general who becomes Teddy Roosevelt’s ally in the movie. Despite his small size, he is fierce and strategic and often serves as the brains behind operations. He is also prone to bickering with his archrival, Jedediah. However, as the story progresses, Octavius learns to put his differences aside and work with Jedediah to save their museum home.

Octavius is one of the most beloved characters in the Night at the Museum franchise because of his quick-witted banter and fearless attitude. He adds a lot of humor and heart to the movie, making him a fan-favorite supporting character.


Jedediah is a miniature cowboy exhibit, and Dum Dum’s archrival. He is mischievous, competitive, and often clashes with Octavius. Despite their ongoing feud, the two eventually learn to work together for the greater good. Jedediah plays an integral role in helping Larry and his team defeat the movie’s villain, and his bravery inspires the other exhibits to stand up and fight.

Jedediah’s character is one of the most dynamic in the movie. He goes from being a headstrong cowboy to a hero who is willing to lay down his life for his friends. His transformation adds depth to the story and makes him a memorable supporting character.


Mao is a Mao Zedong wax statue exhibit who comes to life in the movie. She provides a good source of humor in the movie, being the youngest and least experienced character. She often asks for help and guidance from other exhibits, making her endearing to the audience.

Mao’s character is one of the most relatable in the movie. She represents the feeling of being lost and insecure, which most people can relate to. Her journey of self-discovery throughout the movie makes her a lovable and memorable supporting character.


The importance of supporting characters cannot be understated in a successful movie. In Night at the Museum, Octavius, Jedediah, and Mao add depth, humor, and heart to the movie. While Larry Daley is the main character, these supporting characters play an integral role in making the movie enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

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