Exploring Creativity and Learning at the Children’s Museum Naperville

Welcome to the Children’s Museum Naperville, a place where learning and creativity go hand in hand. With an array of interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, children of all ages can explore and discover new things every time they visit. The museum is designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for kids to learn and grow while having fun. It’s a place where curiosity is encouraged, and imagination is celebrated. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the many wonders of this unique museum.

The Children’s Museum Naperville

The Children’s Museum Naperville is a wonderland for kids of all ages, providing families with an immersive educational and interactive experience. Every exhibit and program has been designed to inspire curious minds, spark creativity, and encourage hands-on learning.


The Children’s Museum Naperville was founded in 2001 by a group of dedicated parents and educators who wanted to establish an interactive learning center for children. They envisioned an environment where children could explore, experiment, and discover new things in a safe and fun space. To make their dream a reality, they raised funds and secured a building in downtown Naperville. The first exhibit, “Connections”, opened its doors on August 3, 2001, and it has been expanding ever since.

Over the years, the museum has become a beloved attraction in Naperville, serving as a cultural hub for the community and a destination for tourists. It has won numerous awards, including the National Medal for Museum and Library Service and the Best Museum in Illinois.


The Children’s Museum Naperville offers an impressive range of interactive exhibits that allow children to explore art, science, technology, math, and more. Here are just a few examples:

– “Make it Move”: This exhibit encourages children to use their imagination and problem-solving skills to build structures that can move and withstand challenges.

– “Waterways”: This exhibit provides a hands-on experience of how water works and its impact on the environment.

– “Idea Hive”: This exhibit is designed for pre-school children, enabling them to play and engage in activities that enhance their motor and cognitive skills.

– “Nanotechnology”: This exhibit introduces children to the world of nanotechnology, allowing them to manipulate materials at the nanoscale level.

In addition to these exhibits, the museum hosts temporary exhibits throughout the year, further expanding their range of offerings.

Events and Programs

The Children’s Museum Naperville has an exciting calendar of events and programs catering to children, families, and educators. They offer a range of summer camps and workshops for children of all ages, covering topics such as robotics, coding, and animation.

For families, the museum hosts family nights, special events, and free admission days, making it accessible to a wider audience. They also offer programs that specifically cater to children with special needs and their families, ensuring that everyone can participate.

For educators, the museum provides educator workshops and professional development opportunities, enabling them to incorporate hands-on and interactive learning strategies into their teaching.

In conclusion, The Children’s Museum Naperville is a destination that every parent should visit with their children. It provides a unique and transformative experience, fostering curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills in children. The museum’s commitment to providing a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space makes it an invaluable resource for the community.

Admission and Hours


Visiting the Children’s Museum in Naperville can be an exciting and enriching experience for people of all ages. It’s pivotal to know the admission prices, which vary according to age and membership. Adults need to pay $12.50 to gain entry into the museum. Children aged one to seventeen get an entry ticket for $12.50. Seniors aged sixty-two and above can also take advantage of reduced prices for entry fees, costing $11.50. But, members of the museum can have access to the museum’s facilities without any additional fees. Membership options are available for individuals, couples, and families. A family membership of $140 permits two adults and all children under eighteen to visit the museum throughout the year without cost.

Hours of Operation

Before planning your visit to the Children’s Museum in Naperville, it’s important to be aware of their operating hours schedule. The museum is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. On Sundays, the museum opens at Noon to 4:00 pm. It remains closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Schedule verification is advised as events or maintenance work may cause the museum to close earlier than usual or at short notice. It’s an interactive museum where you can spend hours exploring and learning, so keep their schedule in mind and plan your visit appropriately.

Digital Experience

In today’s digital age, virtual exhibits and online workshops are excellent alternatives to physical museums. The Children’s Museum in Naperville has recognized this need and, as a result, has created several virtual exhibits to cater to its audience’s requirements. These digital exhibits are an excellent way of keeping children engaged and preventing that too much screen time. By encouraging their curiosity and excitement via online workshops, children can learn whilst having fun.

Some popular, ongoing online workshops include ‘Madagascar: A Musical Adventure,’ which gives children a chance to perform virtual musical theatre. Similarly, the ‘Active Kids Wonder Challenge’ combines learning and exercise, which encourages children to exercise their minds and bodies in a fun and interactive way. Another popular digital feature of the museum is the ‘STEAM curriculum,’ which challenges children to come up with a scientific solution to a complex problem. The online workshop promotes Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) education in a way that is both fun and creative.

The Children’s Museum of Naperville provides a diverse range of activities that are both physically and digitally accessible. They aim to cater to the needs of schools, tourists, and the local population to promote an appreciation for all the sciences, arts, and mathematics. Thus, the Kids Museum in Naperville is a great place for families with young children to visit and learn together in a fun-filled environment.

Visitor Information and Amenities

The Children’s Museum in Naperville, Illinois, is a hub of society that brings great joy to children and their guardians. The museum offers a plethora of opportunities for both kids and adults to have a fun yet educational experience. Here are some of the visitor information and amenities that the museum provides.

Location and Directions

The Children’s Museum in Naperville is conveniently located at 301 N Washington St, Naperville, IL 60540, in the heart of downtown Naperville. The museum is easily accessible by public transportation, including Metra trains and Pace buses. There are also several parking options nearby for those driving themselves.

If taking the train, visitors can disembark at the Naperville Metra Station, which is located just a few blocks away from the museum. From there, it’s a brief walk to Washington Street, and visitors will see the museum on their right-hand side.

For those who prefer taking the bus, several Pace buses stop close to the museum. The 672, 678, 680, and 681 buses all stop within a few blocks of the museum. Visitors can check the Pace Bus website or Walk4Museums app for updated schedules and routes.

Visitors driving to the museum have multiple parking options. Street parking is available in the surrounding streets and is free on Sundays. There are also several public parking garages within walking distance, including the Van Buren Parking Deck, the Central Parking Deck, and the Municipal Surface Parking Lot.

Dining and Shopping

The Children’s Museum in Naperville offers a cafe where visitors can purchase delicious snacks and drinks throughout the day. The cafe menu includes sandwiches, salads, and baked goods, along with hot and cold beverages. Seating is also available both inside and outside the museum.

The museum shop is another great place to visit and purchase souvenirs. The shop is located near the front entrance and offers a wide range of toys, books, and games related to the museum exhibits. Visitors can even purchase a membership if they wish to attend the museum regularly and receive great perks.


The Children’s Museum in Naperville is dedicated to providing access to everyone regardless of age, background, or ability. The museum is wheelchair accessible, and visitors with disabilities can borrow mobility aids, including wheelchairs and walkers. The museum strives to make the museum as inclusive as possible and has worked to ensure exhibits are accessible to all visitors.

Additionally, the museum offers sensory kits for visitors who may require additional support. These kits include noise-canceling headphones, fidgets, and other items that can assist visitors with sensory needs to comfortably enjoy their visit. The museum staff and volunteers are always happy to provide support, and visitors can express their needs upon arrival.

In conclusion, the Children’s Museum in Naperville offers visitors an entertaining and educational experience. Its location, amenities, and accessibility features make it an ideal location for families and children of all ages. We highly recommend visiting the museum and exploring its enchanting and informative exhibits.

Volunteering and Supporting the Museum

The Children’s Museum in Naperville is an immersive play space that offers a fun and educational experience for kids of all ages. It’s an excellent resource for parents who want to inspire their kids to learn and explore the world through interactive exhibits, workshops, and programs. However, the museum would not be possible without the support of the community and volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to make it a success. Here are a few ways you can get involved and contribute to the museum’s mission.

Volunteering Opportunities

The Children’s Museum in Naperville relies on volunteers to help with various tasks, such as greeting visitors, leading workshops, and assisting with events. Volunteers play a vital role in ensuring that the museum runs smoothly and provides a welcoming and engaging environment for everyone. There are many different opportunities available, from one-time events to ongoing commitments, and the museum is always looking for dedicated individuals to join the team.

Volunteering at the museum is a great way to give back to the community, gain new skills, and meet new people. Whether you are a retired educator looking to share your knowledge or a student hoping to gain experience in the non-profit sector, there is a role for everyone. To learn more about the volunteer opportunities available and how to apply, visit the museum’s website or contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Donations and Sponsorship

The Children’s Museum in Naperville is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and sponsorship from individuals and businesses to continue its mission of providing a fun, educational experience for children. Your support helps to fund exhibits, workshops, and programs that inspire creativity, curiosity, and lifelong learning.

There are many ways to donate to the museum, from one-time gifts to monthly donations, and every contribution makes a difference. You can also become a member of the museum, which offers exclusive benefits such as free admission, discounts on events, and more. If you are a business owner, consider sponsoring an exhibit or event, which is a great way to promote your company while supporting a worthy cause.

To learn more about how you can donate or become a member, visit the museum’s website or contact the Development Officer.

Corporate Partnerships

The Children’s Museum in Naperville partners with businesses in the community to promote education and community engagement. Corporate partnerships offer many benefits, such as increased visibility and brand recognition, while also contributing to the museum’s mission. The museum offers customized sponsorship packages that meet the needs of each business and help to achieve their marketing goals.

Corporate partners can support the museum in many ways, such as sponsoring an exhibit or event, hosting team-building workshops, or providing volunteers. By partnering with the museum, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to education and the community while also building positive relationships with customers.

To learn more about corporate partnership opportunities, visit the museum’s website or contact the Development Officer.

Overall, the Children’s Museum in Naperville offers a unique and valuable experience for children and families in the community. Getting involved through volunteering or supporting the museum financially is a great way to contribute to this important resource and help inspire the next generation of learners.

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