Discovering the Wonders of Delaware at the Museum of Nature & Science

Welcome to the Museum of Nature & Science in Delaware! If you ever find yourself exploring this charming state, a visit to this museum is a must. It’s the perfect place to discover all the wonders that Delaware has to offer in terms of natural history, ecology, and science. With a vast collection of exhibits, artifacts, and hands-on activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From fossils and minerals to live animals and interactive displays, the Museum of Nature & Science is perfect for visitors of all ages who are curious about the world around them.

Delaware Museum of Nature & Science


The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is a spacious and modern museum located in Wilmington, Delaware that is dedicated to natural history science. The museum is the perfect destination for families and science enthusiasts alike. The museum is an excellent way to learn about the natural world and the scientific processes behind it.

The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science features engaging and interactive exhibits and educational displays designed to showcase the museum’s mission of education and exploration for visitors of all ages.

Visitors to the museum will marvel at the exhibits on display, including the museum’s famous dinosaur gallery, a Delaware wildlife exhibit, a coral reef exhibit, and a space exhibit. The museum also has many engaging programs and events for visitors to participate in, making it an ideal destination for families and individuals.


One of the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science’s most popular exhibits is the dinosaur gallery, which features a variety of fossils and replica skeletons of dinosaurs, including the terrifying T-Rex. Children and adults alike will have a great time learning about the paleontological processes that brought these ancient giants to life, and about their behavior and habitats.

Another popular exhibit is the Delaware wildlife exhibit, which showcases the native wildlife and plant life of Delaware in a vibrant and interactive space. Visitors can explore a variety of different habitats and learn about the animals that call them home.

The coral reef exhibit replicates a vibrant and colorful coral reef habitat in the museum, and visitors can learn about the many different species of aquatic animals and plants that call coral reefs their home.

Finally, the space exhibit is perfect for budding astronomers and space enthusiasts, featuring an interactive display of the solar system and space exploration. Visitors can explore the technology, equipment, and machinery used to explore the cosmos and learn about the equipment that scientists use to go into space.

Programs and Events

The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science has an extensive range of programs and events designed to inspire curiosity and learning in visitors of all ages. Visitors can participate in field trips, summer camps, and workshops, or attend special events throughout the year, such as the Polar Express Pajama Party during the holiday season, or the Blue, Brew & BBQ festival in the summer.

Field trips offer schools and other groups the chance to learn more about science and natural history in the museum’s interactive exhibits. These programs are designed to be educational and engaging, allowing visitors to delve deeper into the museum’s collections and learn about the natural world in exciting and interactive ways.

The museum’s summer camps offer children the chance to learn about science and nature in a week-long camp that includes field trips, hands-on projects, and interactive exhibits. These camps are perfect for children who are curious about the world around them and want to explore the natural world.

Workshops at the museum are designed to engage visitors in hands-on activities that teach them about science and nature. Workshops are designed around specific topics, including botany, zoology, astronomy, and geology. Visitors can learn about these topics in a relaxed and interactive environment, allowing them to explore their interests and passions.

Special events at the museum are designed to bring people together and celebrate science and nature. The Polar Express Pajama Party is a fun-filled event is perfect for families and children, with holiday-themed activities, music, and entertainment. The Blue, Brew & BBQ festival is also a great way to enjoy the museum’s exhibits and celebrate food, drink, and fun.

In conclusion, the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is an engaging and interactive museum that offers visitors the chance to explore the world of natural history science in exciting and innovative ways. With engaging exhibits, programs, and events, the museum is the perfect destination for families and individuals who want to learn more about the natural world.

Visitor Information

Location and Hours

The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is situated at 4840 Kennett Pike, Wilmington, Delaware, making it easily accessible for visitors. The museum boasts a charming environment that creates an immersive and educational experience for all guests who visit. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, allowing visitors to plan their trips conveniently.

The area around the museum is known for its scenic beauty, which adds to the overall experience. The museum is located in a tranquil setting that complements its immersive and educational exhibits. Visitors will find the surrounding roads easy to navigate, and there is ample parking available on-site.

Ticket Prices

The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science offers affordable admission prices to ensure that everyone has access to the museum’s exciting exhibits. The museum has various admission ticket options, including discounted prices for seniors, children, and military personnel.

Adult visitors can gain entry for only $9, making it one of the most affordable museums in the area. Admission for seniors is only $8, while children between the ages of 3-17 can enter for a discounted price of $7. Children under three years old can visit the museum free of charge, making it a great destination for families with young children.


The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science offers several amenities to make the visit more enjoyable for visitors. In addition to the exciting exhibits, a visit to the museum gift shop is a must. The gift shop offers visitors unique souvenirs to remember their trip. The Café is another great addition; visitors can relax and enjoy delicious refreshments after an exciting adventure through the exhibits.

One of the best things about the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is that it is wheelchair accessible, making it an inclusive space for everyone. There is ample space for strollers and wheelchair access to all parts of the museum, making it a perfect destination for families with young children. Additionally, visitors can park their cars for free in the museum’s parking lot, making it safe and convenient to visit.


The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is an incredible space that offers visitors an immersive experience. With its unique exhibits, affordable admission prices, accessible amenities, and convenient location, it is the perfect destination for the whole family. Whether you’re an adult, senior, or child, the museum has something for everyone. No matter who you are, a visit to the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is an experience that you won’t forget.

Volunteering and Donations

The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is much more than just a place to visit for a day. It offers various ways to get involved in supporting the museum, including volunteering, donations, and membership. Here’s a closer look at each option:


The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on volunteers to help with events and educational programs. Volunteers play a crucial role in the museum’s operations, and they help the museum fulfill its mission of promoting an understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

Volunteering at the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is a great way to make a difference in your community. You can share your knowledge and skills, interact with visitors, and learn more about science and nature. Plus, volunteering can be a fun and rewarding experience!

If you are interested in volunteering at the museum, you can fill out an online application on the museum’s website. The application process is quick and easy, and you’ll be contacted by a museum representative to discuss your interests and availability.


The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is committed to providing high-quality educational programs and exhibits to the community. However, it takes a lot of resources to achieve this goal. That’s why the museum relies on the support of generous donors like you to help fund its programs and initiatives.

If you believe in the museum’s mission and want to make a difference, consider making a donation. There are several ways to donate to the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science, including online on the museum’s website or in person at the museum. Your donation, no matter how big or small, can make a significant impact.

Donors to the museum are recognized for their contributions and receive various benefits, such as preferred access to special events and programs, acknowledgement in the museum’s publications, and much more. Visit the museum’s website to learn more about donor benefits.


If you are a frequent visitor to the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science and want to support its mission, becoming a member might be the perfect option for you.

The museum offers membership options for individuals, families, and corporations. By becoming a member, you’ll enjoy free admission to the museum, discounts in the gift shop and café, and access to exclusive events and exhibits.

Memberships start at just $30 for students and $75 for individuals. Family and corporate memberships are also available at affordable rates. Membership information can be found on the museum’s website.

By becoming a member, you’re not only supporting the museum financially, but you’re also joining a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for science and nature. Plus, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits and experiences that non-members don’t have access to!

Whether you choose to volunteer, make a donation, or become a member, your support of the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is greatly appreciated. You’ll be helping to ensure that the museum can continue to provide educational programs and exhibits that inspire curiosity and promote a love of learning in people of all ages.

Educational Programs for Schools and Groups

The Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is committed to providing educational opportunities for schools and groups. The museum offers a variety of programs tailored to specific age groups and educational needs, all while meeting state educational standards.

School Programs

The museum’s educational programs for schools provide a unique and interactive learning experience for students of all ages. Each program is designed to engage students through hands-on activities, specimen examination, and multimedia presentations. The museum offers both field trips and in-school programs, allowing teachers to choose the option that best fits their needs. These programs are linked to curriculums and are designed to supplement classroom learning. Student groups can choose from a variety of topics, such as anthropology, archaeology, geology, environmental science and natural history. All programs are taught by trained educators with expertise in the subject matter. The museum encourages teachers to prepare their students in advance to maximize learning opportunities during their visit to the museum.

Group Visits

The museum offers group rates and guided tours for groups of 10 or more people. These visits provide the opportunity for groups to explore and learn about various subjects in natural history, including fossils, plants, animals, ecology, and more. Guided tours are tailored to specific interests and educational needs, ensuring that each group has a unique and enjoyable experience. The museum’s knowledgeable guides provide insight into the exhibits and answer any questions visitors may have. Group visits can be booked in advance through the museum’s website.

Outreach Programs

The museum also offers outreach programs for community organizations and groups. These outreach programs bring the museum’s exhibits and educational programs to off-site locations, such as libraries and community centers. The outreach programs are designed to promote science literacy and inspire learning through hands-on activities and live animal presentations. These programs are also tailored to specific age groups and aim to make science accessible and fun for all. The museum offers a variety of outreach programs including, ‘Animals of the World’, ‘Insect Zoo’, and ‘Moth Madness’. These programs can be booked in advance on the museum’s website.

Overall, the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is an excellent resource for educational programs for schools and groups. With its knowledgeable staff, interactive exhibits, and educational programs, the museum is dedicated to promoting science literacy and teaching visitors about the natural world. Whether it is through a field trip, guided tour or outreach program, the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science is sure to provide a memorable and engaging learning environment for all ages.

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