Exploring Design and Innovation at the Design Museum London

Hello there! Are you a fan of design and innovation? If so, you must visit the Design Museum London, a hub of creative excellence where you can explore the fascinating world of contemporary design. Located in Kensington, London, the museum showcases some of the most iconic and impressive designs, from furniture to fashion, graphics to industrial design, and much more. It’s a perfect place to gain inspiration and explore innovative ideas while experiencing the power of design in shaping our world. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect!

Design Museum London: A Comprehensive Guide

History of the Museum

The Design Museum London has been at the forefront of promoting design and creativity since its establishment in 1989. Originally located in a converted banana warehouse on the south bank of the River Thames, the museum quickly became a hub for design enthusiasts from all over the world.

In 2016, the museum moved to a new home in Kensington, designed by renowned architect John Pawson. This new location not only allowed for more exhibition space but also enabled the museum to expand its offering and engage with a wider audience.

The museum has been a catalyst for positive change in the design industry, and it has played a significant role in enhancing the public’s perception of design as a vital component of daily life.

Collections and Exhibitions

The Design Museum London has an impressive collection of design objects and artifacts from various disciplines, including product design, fashion, architecture, and graphic design. The museum’s permanent collection includes iconic designs such as the Anglepoise lamp and the Apple Macintosh.

Aside from the permanent collection, the museum has curated many notable exhibitions, showcasing the works of designers such as Paul Smith, Zaha Hadid, and David Adjaye. The exhibitions not only highlight the creative process and the latest design trends but also encourage visitors to engage with design and its impact on society.

Visitor Information and Amenities

Visitors to the Design Museum London can find all the necessary information on its website, including ticket prices, hours of operation, and accessibility. The museum is open every day, and visitors can book tickets online or purchase them at the door.

There is a range of amenities available for visitors, including a café that serves locally sourced food and drinks and a design-focused gift shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs and find unique design objects. The museum is fully accessible, and visitors with disabilities can find all required information on the museum’s website.

In conclusion, the Design Museum London is an excellent destination for anyone interested in design and creativity. With its extensive collection and fascinating exhibitions, the museum offers visitors a chance to learn and engage with design as a discipline and its impact on our daily lives.

Design Museum London: Highlights and Must-See Exhibitions

If you love design and want to explore the world of mass-produced design objects, the Design Museum London is the perfect destination. It is a world-renowned museum that showcases the best of contemporary design, engineering excellence, and innovation from around the world.

Designer Maker User Exhibition

Are you fascinated by the design objects that surround us every day? Curious about the people behind them? Then, the Designer Maker User Exhibition is a must-visit exhibit at the Design Museum London. This permanent exhibition takes visitors on a journey through the history of mass-produced design objects. It explores the stories of the designers, makers, and users who have shaped our lives through everyday objects.

Be ready to see over 1000 design objects on display from the past century to present-day designs. Designer Maker User Exhibition is the most extensive collection of modern design in the world. The exhibition presents a range of everyday design objects like mobile phones, chairs, and kitchenware to iconic design masterpieces like the Mini Cooper.

Gain a deeper understanding of how design objects have evolved and how they affect our lives. Interactive exhibits explain the design process, from the drawing board to the finished product and the impact of technology, user needs, and environmental changes in shaping design objects.

Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers Exhibition

If you’re a fan of electronic music and appreciate the intersection of music and design, the Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers Exhibition is not to be missed! This exhibition showcases the evolution of electronic music and explores how it has influenced contemporary design.

The exhibition features a collection of music artefacts and multimedia displays that take visitors on an immersive journey through electronic music history. From early pioneers like Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre to contemporary artists like The Chemical Brothers, the exhibition presents the evolution of electronic music and the design innovations that support it.

Unlike any other retrospective of electronic music and design, the exhibition also includes contemporary installations. Interactive installations like ‘The Synthesizer’ and ‘The Audience Experience’ enable visitors to get hands-on with technology, explore the influence of electronic music on culture and the visual arts, and interact with contemporary artists in the field.

Contemporary Design and Innovation Exhibition

Are you looking for inspiration to fuel your creativity? Do you want to see the latest trends and innovations in industrial, graphic, and product design? The Contemporary Design and Innovation Exhibition at the Design Museum London is the perfect place to stimulate your mind!

The exhibition showcases cutting-edge designs from around the world that span product design, medicine, architecture, fashion, and more. It displays innovative design showcasing ideas that challenge our assumptions of what’s possible.

Interactive displays permit visitors to connect with the work and the designers behind them. The touch-screen kiosks offer a closer look at each piece and provide information about the designers, allowing visitors to engage with the stories behind the designs.

In conclusion, the Design Museum London is a unique and exciting venue for anyone with an interest in design and creativity. With a wide range of permanent and temporary exhibitions, there is always something new and exciting to discover on every visit. So, explore and experience the world of design at Design Museum London!

Design Museum London: Events and Workshops

The Design Museum London offers an array of events and workshops that cater to people of all ages and interests. These events and workshops provide visitors with an opportunity to engage with the museum’s collections and exhibitions and gain a deeper understanding of design and its impact on our daily lives.

Design Ventura

Design Ventura is a design competition that aims to encourage young people aged 13-16 to develop their design skills and create projects that solve real-world problems in their communities. The competition is open to all schools in the UK, and the winning project is put into production and sold at the Design Museum Shop. This competition not only fosters creativity and innovation but also teaches students the value of design in improving society.

Lunchtime Talks

The Design Museum London also offers a series of Lunchtime Talks presented by leading designers and creatives. These talks explore a wide range of design-related topics, from fashion to architecture and technology, and provide visitors with a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field. These talks are free and open to all visitors and take place in the museum’s auditorium.

Some of the previous Lunchtime Talk speakers include:

  • Phillippe Starck – French designer and architect
  • Jonathan Ive – Chief design officer at Apple
  • Sir David Adajaye – British architect

Family Workshops

The Design Museum London also offers hands-on Family Workshops that allow families to explore different aspects of design and creativity while having fun. These workshops are suitable for families with children of all ages and provide a unique opportunity for families to learn and create together. These workshops are held on weekends and during school holidays and vary from designing a sustainable city to creating a unique piece of jewelry.

Some of the Family Workshops that have been held in the past include:

  • Sustainable City – Design your own eco-city
  • Stitch in Time – A fashion and textiles workshop
  • Jewelry Workshop – Create your own piece of jewelry using a range of materials.

In conclusion, the Design Museum London offers a diverse range of events and workshops that cater to people of all ages and interests. From Design Ventura to the Lunchtime Talks and the Family Workshops, there is something for everyone at the Design Museum London. If you are passionate about design or looking to learn more about this fascinating subject, the Design Museum London is the place to go.

Design Museum London: Membership and Support

The Design Museum London is a world-renowned institution that celebrates the power of design and creativity in shaping our world. Apart from featuring world-class exhibitions, the museum also offers a variety of membership and support options to its visitors. Here’s everything you need to know about the Design Museum London’s membership and support:


Becoming a member of the Design Museum London is an excellent way to enjoy all the benefits the museum has to offer. Some of the perks of becoming a member include:

  • Free access to all exhibitions
  • Priority booking for exclusive events and workshops
  • Discounts at the museum’s shop and cafe
  • Exclusive access to members-only events
  • The ability to bring up to three friends to exhibitions for free
  • Quarterly members’ magazine with the latest news and features

Design Museum London offers different types of membership, including individual, joint, family, and student, so there’s an option that works for everyone. With membership prices starting at just £60 per year, becoming a member is excellent value for money and an excellent way to support the museum’s mission of promoting design and creativity.

Support the Museum

If you’re passionate about design and creativity and interested in supporting the museum’s mission, there are several ways to do so:

  • Charitable donations: Gift aid your donation and get tax relief while helping to support the museum.
  • Corporate sponsorship opportunities: Showcase your brand to a global audience while supporting the museum’s exhibitions and events.
  • Planned giving options: Ensure your love for the Design Museum London continues to have an impact for future generations by including the museum in your will or other estate plans.

The Design Museum London is a registered charity, and every donation goes towards supporting its mission to promote design and creativity. Whether you want to make a one-time donation or become a regular supporter, every contribution helps in a big way.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Design Museum London offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for individuals who want to support the museum’s mission. Volunteers can contribute to the museum in different areas, including:

  • Visitor experience: Assist visitors throughout their museum experience, from admissions to exhibitions.
  • Education: Inspire and educate young people and adults about the power of design and creativity through workshops and events.
  • Events: Help with planning and executing the museum’s exclusive events and exhibitions.

Being a volunteer at the Design Museum London is an excellent opportunity to gain new skills, meet new people, and be part of a fantastic community. Plus, volunteers receive a host of benefits, including free museum admission, invitations to exclusive events, and discounts at the museum shop and cafe.

Whether you’re looking to become a member, support the museum through charitable donations, or volunteer your time, the Design Museum London offers a range of opportunities for you to be part of its mission to promote design and creativity.

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