Discover the Rich History and Culture of Atlanta: A Guide to Museums in Atlanta, GA

Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia, a city that’s steeped in history and culture! From fascinating civil rights landmarks to world-class art museums, Atlanta has a lot to offer for history buffs and culture enthusiasts. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to The City in a Forest, exploring some of Atlanta’s top museums is an excellent way to experience the rich heritage of the city. In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of some of the must-visit museums in Atlanta so you can discover the fascinating story of this dynamic city for yourself!

Museums in Atlanta GA

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, has a rich cultural scene that features a variety of museums that showcase the city’s history, arts, and civil rights. From educational exhibits to family-friendly activities, Atlanta museums have something for everyone. In this article, we will highlight the top museums in Atlanta GA that you should not miss.

The High Museum of Art

The High Museum of Art is a world-renowned museum of art that holds a vast collection of African, American, and European art spanning more than five thousand years of history. Located in the heart of Atlanta’s arts district, the museum features over 17,000 contemporary and modern artworks in its permanent collection.

From paintings to sculptures, the High Museum of Art boasts a vast collection of pieces by famous artists such as Monet, Renoir, and Toulouse-Lautrec. In addition to its permanent collections, the museum houses ever-changing temporary exhibits that showcase innovative artworks and special events. The best part? The museum offers regular family-friendly activities such as art-making workshops, storytelling, and music events.

The Center for Civil and Human Rights

The Center for Civil and Human Rights is not just another museum; it’s a unique and interactive experience that takes visitors on a journey through the civil rights movement and the worldwide struggle for human rights. Located in downtown Atlanta, the museum showcases unique artifacts and archives, including handwritten letters and inspiring speeches that shaped history.

The museum’s exhibits use innovative technologies such as touchscreens, audio, and virtual reality experiences to engage visitors in the stories of those who fought for their rights. The museum’s “Rolls Down Like Water” exhibit, for example, recreates the 1963 March on Washington and lets you experience a virtual crowd of over 250,000 people joining hands to sing “We Shall Overcome.”

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site is a must-visit for anyone interested in the Civil Rights Movement. The site is dedicated to one of the most influential leaders of the movement and features preserved historic homes, congregations, and educational exhibits.

The park also offers guided tours that take visitors through Dr. King’s childhood home and the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he was a pastor. Visitors can also walk in Dr. King’s footsteps on the “I Have A Dream” World Peace Rose Garden, which features a mural depicting the speech that changed history.


Atlanta’s museums offer a diverse range of experiences that are sure to inspire, educate, and entertain visitors of all ages. Whether you’re an art lover, history buff, or a social justice advocate, Atlanta museums have something to offer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the city’s rich culture and history and plan your visit today!

The Atlanta History Center

The Atlanta History Center is one of the most popular museums in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an expansive complex that features several historic buildings, beautiful gardens, and a vast collection of artifacts that tell the stories of Georgia and the United States. The museum is located on 33-acres of land, and it’s an ideal place to learn about the city’s vibrant history.

The Swan House

A tour of the Swan House is a must for anyone who visits the Atlanta History Center. The Swan House is a fascinating 1920s mansion filled with elegant interiors and period furnishings. Visitors can explore the various rooms, including the library, dining room, and living room, all of which give a glimpse into what life was like in the early 20th century. In addition, the gardens surrounding the mansion are a beautiful sight to behold, especially during the warm spring and summer months.

The Smith Family Farm

The Smith Family Farm is another historical building located within the Atlanta History Center. The farm is a 19th-century plantation that offers visitors a glimpse into what life was like for the families that lived on these plantations. Visitors can explore the farmhouse, which is filled with authentic artifacts and furnishings from the 1800s. In addition, living history demonstrations and agricultural exhibits provide an interactive experience that is both educational and entertaining.

The Kenan Research Center

For visitors interested in genealogy and history research, the Kenan Research Center is a must-visit. The center houses a vast collection of primary sources related to Atlanta history, including genealogical records, digitized archives, and research services. Visitors can browse through the archives, which date back to the founding of Atlanta in the 1830s, to learn about the city’s history and the people who lived there. The Kenan Research Center is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about Atlanta’s past.

In conclusion, the Atlanta History Center is an extraordinary place to learn about the history of Atlanta and Georgia. With its historic buildings, beautiful gardens, and vast collection of artifacts, it is an excellent place for tourists and locals alike to explore and learn. Visitors should be sure to visit the Swan House, the Smith Family Farm, and the Kenan Research Center to get the complete experience.

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is a hands-on learning experience for children of all ages. With numerous interactive exhibits and activities, this museum is the perfect place for families to spend a day exploring, learning, and having fun.

Hands-On Exhibits and Activities

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta offers a wide variety of hands-on exhibits and activities for children to engage with. From science demonstrations to arts and crafts, children can explore a range of topics and experience new things in a safe and educational environment.

One of the most popular exhibits is the “Gateway to the World” exhibit. This exhibit allows children to learn about different cultures and countries through interactive activities like cooking, crafts, and games. Other exhibits, like “Fundamentally Food” and “Tools for Solutions,” teach children about science and engineering in a fun and interactive way.

For younger children, there is a designated area called “Step Up to Science” where they can participate in sensory play activities and explore the concepts of science and math. This area includes activities like a “Little Lab,” where children can experiment with simple machines and materials, and a “Let’s Pretend Hospital,” where children can learn about the human body and medicine through role-play.

Theatre Performances and Storytelling

In addition to the hands-on exhibits, The Children’s Museum of Atlanta also offers theater performances and storytelling events. These shows and productions are designed to engage children and bring educational concepts to life through storytelling and music.

One popular show is “Sid the Science Kid,” which is based on the popular PBS Kids TV program. This interactive show encourages children to learn about science through storytelling and song. Other shows, like “Little Raindrop,” teach children about environmental science and the water cycle through puppetry and storytelling.

For families who prefer outdoor activities, there is also an outdoor play space where children can climb, slide, and explore while learning about nature and the environment.

Special Programs and Events

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta also offers special programs and events throughout the year. These events include everything from summer camps to birthday parties, and even Sensory-Friendly Saturdays for children with sensory processing difficulties.

During summer camps, children can explore subjects like science, art, and engineering through hands-on activities and experiments. Birthday parties at the museum include private access to exhibits, party favors, and a private area for cake and presents.

Overall, The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is a fantastic place for families to spend a day exploring, learning, and having fun. With a wide variety of exhibits, activities, and shows, children of all ages are sure to find something they enjoy.

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the natural world. Located in Atlanta, GA, this world-renowned museum offers fascinating exhibits, immersive experiences, and educational opportunities for visitors of all ages. Here are some of the highlights of what you can expect to see and do at the Fernbank Museum:

The Grand Hall

The Grand Hall is the first thing you’ll see when you enter the Fernbank Museum, and it’s a sight to behold. This massive lobby features a 123-foot-long dinosaur skeleton that towers above you as you walk through the space. Other educational exhibits on prehistoric life are spread throughout the Grand Hall, providing visitors with a glimpse into the distant past. Interactive installations throughout the exhibit space allow visitors to learn more about the ancient creatures that once roamed the earth. The immersive experience of walking through this hall is unforgettable, especially for those who are passionate about paleontology.

The IMAX Theatre

If you’re looking for cutting-edge films on scientific discoveries and natural wonders, look no further than the IMAX Theatre at the Fernbank Museum. With its 3D technology and surround sound, this theatre offers an unparalleled movie-going experience. The films shown here are both entertaining and educational, making them ideal for families with children or adult groups interested in science and nature. In addition to regularly scheduled screenings, private screenings and events can be arranged, making the IMAX Theatre a unique venue for business or social gatherings.

The Fernbank Forest

The Fernbank Forest is a 65-acre nature preserve located right next to the Fernbank Museum. This green oasis offers hiking trails, wildlife habitats, and hands-on treehouse exhibits that allow visitors to experience the natural world up close. The field study programs offered by the museum include nature walks, guided hikes, and other activities designed to educate visitors about the environment in which the museum and forest are located. Whether you’re a nature lover or just someone who enjoys a peaceful walk in the woods, the Fernbank Forest is a refreshing and educational destination.

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History is an Atlanta institution with a reputation for excellence. Its exhibits, immersive experiences, and educational programs provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the natural world and the history of life on our planet. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the city, a trip to the Fernbank Museum should be at the top of your to-do list.

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