Discover the Fascinating Natural History Museum of Utah

Welcome to the Natural History Museum of Utah, a place where science, history, and nature are brought together to create a captivating learning experience. This museum, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, offers visitors a chance to explore the wonders of the natural world, from prehistoric fossils to the intricate ecosystems of the present day. With engaging exhibits, hands-on activities, and the latest technology, the Natural History Museum of Utah is an educational and entertaining destination for people of all ages. Join us as we discover the fascinating world of this unique museum.

Natural History Museum Utah

Overview of NHMU

If you want to learn about Utah’s natural history, anthropology, and geology, the Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) is the perfect place to visit. This popular tourist destination is located in Salt Lake City and houses over 1.5 million artifacts and specimens. There’s a lot to explore and discover inside this impressive museum.

The NHMU is operated by the University of Utah, and it has a mission to inspire and educate visitors about the natural world. The museum has an impressive collection of fossils, gems, minerals, and preserved wildlife that provide insights into Utah’s fascinating geological and biological histories.

The NHMU building is itself a work of art. The museum’s architecture is inspired by the surrounding hills and canyons of the region, and the building is designed to conserve energy and minimize its environmental impact. The NHMU building earned its silver LEED certification due to the museum’s eco-friendly practices.

Exhibits at NHMU

One of the most popular exhibits at the NHMU is the Past Worlds exhibition. This exhibit features a vast collection of fossils, skeletons, and life-size models of dinosaurs that bring Utah’s pre-history to life. It’s a fascinating journey through time where you can witness the evolution of life on earth.

Another compelling exhibit at the NHMU is the Native Voices. This exhibit explores the Native American cultures of Utah, such as the Goshute, Paiute, Shoshone, Navajo, and Ute. Through photos, artwork, and stories, you can learn about the traditions, beliefs, and customs of the indigenous people who have called Utah home for thousands of years.

Apart from these two exhibits, NHMU has many other permanent exhibits such as Great Salt Lake, Our Backyard, Gems and Minerals, and more. Each exhibit is thoughtfully designed to educate, inspire and engage visitors of all ages.

Activities and Events at NHMU

The NHMU has something for everyone. Apart from the exhibits, The museum offers a range of activities and events, from workshops to lectures to special exhibits. Visitors can even participate in hands-on activities such as fossil digging and butterfly releases. The NHMU also offers various educational programs such as school field trips, summer camps, and family programs.

If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, NHMU offers a unique experience like no other. You can host weddings, corporate events, and even children’s birthday parties at the museum. Imagine celebrating your child’s birthday along with the dinosaurs or getting married in the breathtaking Natural History Museum of Utah Canyon.

In conclusion, the NHMU is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in learning about Utah’s natural history, anthropology, and geology. The museum exhibits ancient life forms, preserved creatures, and provides a window into the diverse native cultures of Utah. With so much to see and do, the Natural History Museum of Utah is the perfect place for a fascinating and educational day out.

Visitor Information

Visiting a natural history museum like the NHMU is an exciting and educational experience for people of all ages. If you’re planning a visit, it’s essential to have access to the right information to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. In this section, we’re going to explore key visitor information, including hours and admission fees, location and parking, and accessibility.

Hours and Admission Fees

The NHMU is open every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Visitors can explore the extensive collection of exhibits, including dinosaur fossils, ancient artifacts, and interactive displays. The museum offers various admission fees, so you can choose the best package that suits your needs.

General admission to the museum is $17 for adults and $14 for seniors (65 and above), students (with a valid ID), and military personnel. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 have reduced admission of $13, and children under the age of two can enter for free.

For visitors looking to experience more of the museum, the NHMU offers various packages, including the Museums for All package. This package is available to families who have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, and it grants admission to the museum for up to four individuals for only $2 per person.

NHMU members enjoy unlimited museum visits and exclusive access to special exhibitions and events. The membership fee ranges from $65 to $150 per year.

Location and Parking

The NHMU is located at 301 Wakara Way in Salt Lake City, UT 84108. The museum is situated near the beautiful Red Butte Garden and Arboretum and is just a short drive or public transportation ride from downtown Salt Lake City.

Visitors can park on-site for a fee of $5 per vehicle. Alternatively, individuals can use public transportation, bike, or walk to access the museum. There are different bus routes that operate near the NHMU, namely Bus 940 and Bus 21.


The NHMU is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all visitors, regardless of their physical abilities. The museum offers wheelchair accessibility and has accommodations for visitors with special needs.

Guests who require sign language interpretation or assisted listening devices can request these services in advance to ensure their visit is comfortable and enjoyable. For visitors with guide dogs or service animals, the NHMU welcomes them to the museum.

In conclusion, the NHMU is the perfect destination for visitors who want to learn more about natural history, science, and the world around us. The museum offers visitors various admission fees, discounts, and exclusive memberships, making it accessible to everyone. With ample parking and public transportation options, getting to the NHMU is straightforward. Additionally, the museum is wheelchair and service-animal friendly, providing visitors with a comfortable and welcoming experience. Make a trip to the NHMU today and explore the wonders of natural history!

Education and Research

The Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) aims not only to showcase more than 1.5 million objects to over 150,000 visitors annually but also seeks to provide interactive and engaging educational programs and conduct relevant research projects. Here are some details about NHMU’s educational and research initiatives.

Education Programs

Providing a wide range of education programs is one of NHMU’s primary goals. These programs are designed to cater to students of all ages, and the museum has something to offer for everyone, from young children to adults. For school groups, the museum offers field trips, discovery classes, and digital learning opportunities featuring Utah’s natural and cultural history. Even for homeschooling families, the NHMU offers educational resources and activities.

In addition, NHMU offers summer camps and workshops on various themes, from paleontology to archaeology. These programs are intended to promote hands-on learning and critical thinking skills among participants.

Furthermore, the museum invites families for special events such as “Family Day” and “Nature’s Ultimate Machines” to learn science concepts through interactive exhibits, demonstrations, and hands-on activities. The NHMU also provides resources for educators, including lesson plans and workshops, to enhance their teaching practices.

For visitors interested in self-guided learning, NHMU has installed interactive touchscreens and self-guided exhibits found throughout the museum’s galleries. For visitors who want more in-depth information about the museum’s collection, NHMU provides access to its public research library that houses over 40,000 books and journals.

Research Projects

The NHMU is not just a museum that preserves and showcases objects, but it also conducts research projects that advance knowledge in the fields of natural history, anthropology, and geology. The museum’s research program focuses on several themes, including ecology, evolution, and biodiversity.

In the ecology domain, NHMU is conducting long-term studies on the Great Salt Lake’s ecosystem, including its water quality and invertebrate population. NHMU’s “Biodiversity of Utah” project focuses on understanding the distribution and diversity of plants and animals in Utah’s national parks, as well as the factors influencing their survival. Besides, NHMU has partnered with universities and other institutions to support research work on various topics related to Utah’s natural and cultural history.

Moreover, NHMU maintains an extensive collection of over 1.5 million objects and specimens. The collections range from dinosaurs and other prehistoric species to Native American artifacts, fossils and minerals, and more. NHMU houses Utah’s most extensive collection, from tiny insects to massive bones that help researchers and scientists understand the state’s flora, fauna, geological formations, and cultures.

Collections and Catalogs

As noted above, NHMU has vast collections and catalogs that support various research projects. The collections date back to the early 1900s and include artifacts and specimens from Utah’s natural history, anthropology, and geology disciplines.

NHMU’s natural history collection holds specimens of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, and insects, maps, photographs, and books. In contrast, its anthropology collection contains Native American and Hispanic artifacts from the prehistoric to the historic period, as well as contemporary items. Its geology collection contains fossils, minerals, and rocks that helped shape Utah’s geologic history for over 550 million years.

In short, NHMU’s collections and catalogs offer insights into Utah’s natural and cultural history and provide access to the collections for researchers and the public through its online catalog.

All things considered, NHMU’s educational and research programs and collections are essential resources that benefit Utahans and people from all over the world. Whether you are a student, educator, researcher, or an interested community member, NHMU has much to offer to enrich your knowledge about Utah’s unique natural and cultural heritage.

Membership and Support

The Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) is a non-profit organization that relies on the support of its members, donors and volunteers. Membership and support are crucial to the museum’s continued operation and growth. In this section, we’ll discuss the benefits of becoming a member, the different ways in which you can donate and support the museum, and the corporate giving opportunities available.

Membership Benefits

If you’re a frequent visitor to the NHMU or just looking for a fun, educational experience, becoming a member is a great option. Members enjoy several benefits:

  • Free admission: Members can visit the museum as often as they like without having to pay for admission each time.
  • Discounts on events and activities: Members are eligible for reduced prices on special events, workshops, and other activities held at the museum.
  • Special access to exhibits and collections: Members can enjoy early access to some exhibits and collections, as well as exclusive tours and events.
  • Monthly newsletter: Members receive a monthly newsletter that keeps them up-to-date on the museum’s new exhibits, events, and scientific discoveries.

Membership is also a great way to support the museum and its mission to inspire curiosity and discover the natural world.

Donations and Support

The NHMU relies on the support of donors and volunteers to continue its operations and bring natural history to life. Here are some ways you can support the NHMU:

  • Monetary donations: Making a financial contribution is a simple and effective way to support the museum. You can donate online or by mail. Your donation helps to fund the museum’s exhibits, educational programming, and scientific research.
  • In-kind donations: Another way to support the NHMU is to make an in-kind donation. The museum accepts donations of goods and services that can be used to support its operations and programming. Examples of in-kind donations include office supplies, scientific equipment, and even artwork.
  • Volunteer opportunities: NHMU is always looking for volunteers to help with a variety of programs. Whether you’re interested in education and outreach, scientific research, or visitor services, there’s a volunteer opportunity for you. Volunteering gives you the chance to connect with people who share your interests and make a positive impact in your community.

Donations and volunteering are both great ways to help support the NHMU. No matter how you choose to contribute, your support helps us to bring the natural world to life for future generations.

Corporate Giving

The NHMU also offers corporate giving opportunities, including sponsorships and partnerships, to support the museum’s programs and exhibits. Corporate sponsors can help the NHMU by:

  • Sponsoring exhibits or programs: Businesses and organizations can sponsor exhibits or programs at the museum. This provides exposure for the sponsor and helps the NHMU to fund its operations and programming.
  • Becoming a partner: Corporate partners collaborate with the NHMU to achieve shared goals and objectives. This can include developing new scientific research projects, offering educational programming, or supporting community outreach initiatives.

Corporate giving is a great way for businesses and organizations to show their support for the NHMU and their commitment to the community.


Becoming a member, donating, or volunteering your time are all great ways to support the Natural History Museum of Utah. Membership provides access to fun, educational programs and exhibits, while donations and volunteering help to support the museum’s mission and operations. Corporate sponsors and partners can also show their support for the NHMU while promoting their own brands and values. No matter how you choose to contribute, we appreciate your support in helping to bring the natural world to life.

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