Explore the Wonders of Nature and Science at North Museum

Welcome, curious reader, to an exciting journey of discovery to the North Museum of Nature and Science. This magnificent institution houses a vast array of exhibits that invite visitors to explore the wonders of the natural world and the mysteries of science. Located in the charming city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the North Museum offers an interactive and educational experience that will captivate visitors of all ages. From the life-like dinosaur models to the hands-on STEM activities, the North Museum has something for everyone. So, grab your backpack and let’s embark on a thrilling adventure to learn and have fun at the North Museum of Nature and Science.

Introduction: North Museum of Nature and Science

The North Museum of Nature and Science is a fascinating and educational museum located in the charming city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The museum is an excellent destination for people interested in learning more about natural history and science. The museum boasts several exhibits and educational programs that are both informative and engaging.


The North Museum of Nature and Science is an excellent place for visitors of all ages. With its no-touch policies, it is highly safe. There are virtually endless exhibits and displays that showcase the wonders of nature and science, from live animals to space travel.

The museum also offers a range of interactive exhibits that provide an exceptional opportunity for visitors to experience science actively. Visitors can experiment with various kinds of lasers, magnets, and renewable energy sources as well as see live demonstrations of chemical and physical changes. The North Museum of Nature and Science is, without a doubt, an exceptional destination for people of all ages.


The North Museum of Nature and Science was founded in 1953. This museum has been entertaining and educating visitors since then, with a focus on natural history and science education. Their ongoing commitment to education and research has made them a top destination for science enthusiasts and nature lovers throughout central Pennsylvania.

The initial funds to establish the North Museum of Nature and Science were donated by the North family, who continued to support and donate to the museum throughout their lifetime. Today, the museum still strives to maintain the high standards set forth by the North family and to continue their legacy of promoting science and education.

Location and Visiting Details

The North Museum of Nature and Science is located in downtown Lancaster, making it a convenient and easy place to visit. The museum is open seven days a week from 10 am to 5 pm, with various hours for events and extended hours on weekends. Visitors can purchase tickets online or at the museum’s box office.

The admission fees for the museum start from $7 to $10, with children under the age of 3 admitted free of charge. Discounts and memberships are also available, which provide the museum’s regular visitors with more benefits and exclusive access to some events and exhibits.

Visitors to the North Museum of Nature and Science can explore the wonders of the natural world and be amazed by how science has shaped our understanding of the planet we call home. With its various programs, events, and exhibits, the museum is an excellent destination for people who want to expand their knowledge and enjoy fun scientific activities.

Exhibits at North Museum of Nature and Science

The North Museum of Nature and Science is one of the most educational museums in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that focuses on inspiring, learning, and exploring the sciences and the natural world. This museum, located in the heart of Lancaster City, offers both interactive and informative exhibits that aim to spark curiosity and interest in visitors of all ages. Here are some of the popular exhibits at the museum:

Birds of Prey exhibit

The “Birds of Prey” exhibit is a must-see attraction at the museum. This exhibit features live birds of prey such as hawks, eagles, owls, and falcons. It’s an interactive exhibit where visitors can learn about bird of prey’s behavior, natural habitats, and the important role they play in the ecosystem. Visitors have the opportunity to have close encounters with the live birds and watch them fly in the open-air enclosure. This exhibit is both captivating and educational for people of all ages.

Mineral and Geology exhibit

The North Museum of Nature and Science’s mineral and geology exhibit invites visitors to discover the amazing world of geology, minerals, and fossils. This exhibit highlights the unique geological features of Pennsylvania with a collection of over 1500 specimens on display. Visitors can learn about the rock cycle, how fossils form, and how geologists use mineral identification to understand the Earth’s history. The exhibit will give visitors an in-depth look at rocks and minerals, including the museum’s prized 400 million-year-old fossil, the Trilobite, found locally in Lancaster.

Space and Astronomy exhibit

The museum’s space and astronomy exhibit will transport visitors to the outermost reaches of the universe. Visitors can learn about the history of space travel, the race to the moon, and recent advancements in space exploration. The exhibit showcases an impressive collection of space exploration artifacts, including a moon rock on loan from NASA. Visitors can also get a glimpse of the different planets and celestial bodies in our solar system through the interactive display of the night sky. With amazing facts and mind-bending visuals, the space, and astronomy exhibit at North Museum of Nature and Science will leave visitors in awe.

The North Museum of Nature and Science has a variety of exhibits that emphasize the wonders of the natural world, science, and astronomy. The museum also offers hands-on activities, workshops, educational programs and summer camps for children, family events, and planetarium shows that are both fun and instructional. A visit to the North Museum of Nature and Science is a great way to spend a day learning and exploring with family and friends.

Programs Offered by North Museum of Nature and Science

The North Museum of Nature and Science is more than just a place to see exhibits and learn about the world around us. The museum offers a variety of programs for visitors of all ages that make science fun and accessible for everyone. Whether you’re interested in attending a live science show, taking a class or workshop, or participating in an outreach program, there are many ways to engage with science at the North Museum.

Science Live Shows

One of the most popular programs offered by the North Museum of Nature and Science is the science live shows. These shows take visitors on a journey through different scientific topics, from the physics of sound and electricity to the properties of matter and the environment. The shows are interactive, with presenters engaging the audience in demonstrations and experiments that bring science to life.

One of the standout science live shows is the planetarium show, which takes visitors on a trip through the cosmos. The show is presented in a custom-built dome theater that immerses visitors in the night sky, showcasing constellations, planets, and other celestial phenomena. It’s an experience that will leave you awestruck by the beauty and complexity of the universe.

Science Classes and Workshops

The North Museum of Nature and Science offers a variety of classes and workshops for both children and adults. These programs cover a wide range of scientific topics, from astronomy and geology to biology and ecology. The classes are designed to be hands-on and engaging, with activities that encourage participants to explore and experiment.

For children, some of the most popular classes include the Junior Academy of Science, which offers a range of activities and experiments for kids ages 5 to 13. The museum also offers summer camps that dive deep into specific scientific fields, allowing children to explore and learn in a fun and supportive environment.

Adults can also benefit from the classes and workshops offered by the North Museum. Whether you’re interested in taking an astronomy course or learning the basics of coding, there are classes available for everyone. The museum also offers professional development workshops for teachers, providing them with the resources and knowledge to bring science into the classroom in a fun and engaging way.

Science Outreach Programs

One of the core missions of the North Museum of Nature and Science is to promote science education and inspire the next generation of scientists. To this end, the museum offers a range of outreach programs that bring science to schools and community organizations throughout the region.

The science outreach programs are led by museum staff and are tailored to the needs and interests of each group. They can range from a one-time demonstration to a series of activities that help students explore a particular scientific topic in depth. The programs are designed to be fun, interactive, and hands-on, providing young learners with an opportunity to see the practical applications of science in their everyday lives.

Some of the most popular outreach programs include the Science-on-a-Truck program, which brings science to schools and other organizations on a mobile classroom, and the STEM Sisters program, which provides girls with opportunities to explore science and technology fields through hands-on activities and mentoring from women scientists.

In conclusion, the North Museum of Nature and Science offers a wide range of programs that make science accessible and engaging for everyone. Whether you’re interested in attending a live show, taking a class or workshop, or participating in an outreach program, there are many ways to explore and learn about the world around us at the North Museum.

Community Involvement and Contributions

The North Museum of Nature and Science is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of students and creating a community of science enthusiasts. Its mission is to inspire curiosity and encourage learning about the natural world around us. The museum believes that everyone can make a positive impact through community involvement and contributions.

Collaboration with Local Schools

The North Museum of Nature and Science partners with local schools to provide hands-on science education programs that align with the state’s curriculum standards. These programs aim to enhance the students’ understanding and appreciation of science and nature. The museum understands that not all schools have the resources to provide in-depth science education, so they offer a range of programs that cater to students of all ages and backgrounds.

The museum’s education team provides a variety of outreach programs, including classroom lessons, assembly-style presentations, and field trips to the museum. These programs are experiential, interactive, and designed to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. The North Museum believes that science education is essential to inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Moreover, through the partnership with local schools, the museum provides teacher professional development programs that offer classroom-based learning experiences, providing faculty with hands-on and inquiry-driven lessons. These development programs are designed to foster a love for science and nature and engage students in real-world, problem-based learning.

Volunteer Opportunities

The North Museum of Nature and Science offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for science enthusiasts of all ages to contribute to the museum’s educational mission. These opportunities provide volunteers with a hands-on experience that enhances their knowledge of science and nature. They are also a great way to give back to the community by sharing enthusiasm and passion for science with others.

Volunteers can contribute to the museum in various ways, from assisting with interactive exhibits to leading tours, to working as a member of an event planning committee, to providing general museum support. The North Museum of Nature and Science aims to provide volunteers with a flexible and fun experience while allowing them to make a difference in the community.


The North Museum of Nature and Science relies on donations and grants to provide educational and research activities and expand its facilities and programs. Each year, they organize fundraising events to raise funds to support the museum’s mission.

One of the museum’s main fundraising events is the annual Science+Suds fundraiser, where visitors can enjoy local brews while exploring the museum’s interactive exhibits. The event raises funds to support the museum’s educational programs, outreach initiatives, and research projects. The museum also provides opportunities for people to make a donation online or to support their activities by providing sponsorship.

In addition, the museum receives funding from local organizations, businesses and individuals who share the same passion for science and nature education. By contributing, these donors are helping to provide a unique opportunity for the community to engage in the science, appreciate the natural world, and provide an unforgettable learning experience.

In conclusion, through community involvement, collaboration with local schools, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising events, the North Museum of Nature and Science continues to improve the education system by inspiring curiosity and creativity in students while bringing awareness to the importance of science and nature in our daily lives. The museum aims to create a generation of science enthusiasts who are passionate about discovery, exploration, and innovation.

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