All You Need to Know About Penn Museum Parking Garage

Hello and welcome! If you are planning to visit the Penn Museum in Philadelphia, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is parking. Fortunately, the museum has an on-site parking garage that provides convenient and secure parking for visitors. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the Penn Museum parking garage, from its location and rates to its hours of operation and special events. Read on to discover how to park like a pro when visiting this fascinating museum.

The Penn Museum Parking Garage: Benefits and Drawbacks

The Location of the Garage

The Penn Museum Parking Garage is located on 3260 South Street, Philadelphia. It is situated between Spruce Street and South Streets in Philadelphia, making it a convenient location for visitors of the museum and surrounding areas. The location of the garage is easily accessible from the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University areas.

For those who drive, the location of the museum, and the garage where visitors can park their cars is such a great convenience, particularly for those coming from out of town. It is located near public transportation, making it easy to get to the museum without having to worry about finding a place to park.

The Benefits of Using the Garage

Visitors who use the Penn Museum Parking Garage can enjoy many benefits that make their visit even more enjoyable. Firstly, the parking garage is a secure location to park your car. The garage is monitored 24/7, giving visitors peace of mind when leaving their vehicles. Secondly, the garage is a cost-efficient option for parking, and the rates are relatively affordable compared to other options in the surrounding areas.

Another benefit of using the garage is its close proximity to the museum. Visitors can park their car and enjoy a short walk to the museum, avoiding the need for additional transportation. The parking garage is well maintained, providing users with a clean environment, making it a pleasant experience for everyone. The Penn Museum Parking Garage is also equipped with elevators and is wheelchair accessible, accommodating visitors with special needs.

The Drawbacks of Using the Garage

Although there are benefits, there are also some drawbacks to using the Penn Museum Parking Garage. During peak hours, traffic congestion is a significant issue around the area. Visitors may find it challenging to find a parking spot during busy days, and at times, they may have to wait for a space to become available.

The number of spaces available in the garage is limited, which can also be a drawback if the garage reaches its capacity, which could cause frustration to users. Visitors are advised to arrive at the garage early to ensure that they find an available spot to park their car, particularly on busy days.


In summary, the Penn Museum Parking Garage is an ideal location for visitors who intend to visit the museum. The garage offers secure and affordable parking, making it a suitable option for car owners. While traffic congestion and a limited number of parking spots can be challenging, it is crucial to remember that these are typical issues in highly populated areas. Overall, using the Penn Museum Parking Garage is an excellent option for visitors, and the drawbacks do not outweigh its benefits.

Pricing and Payment Options at the Penn Museum Parking Garage

Pricing Structure

If you are planning to visit the Penn Museum, you’ll need to consider the best parking options available in the area. Fortunately, the Penn Museum Parking Garage offers hourly and daily rates, which are competitive compared to other parking options in the University area of Philadelphia. With hourly rates starting at only $2 and a daily rate of $20, the garage is an affordable option for your parking needs.

The Penn Museum Parking Garage also offers a monthly contract rate. This option is great if you’re looking for regular parking while working or studying at the University of Pennsylvania. The monthly contract rate is $175, which provides an excellent value for regularly parked vehicles.

Payment Options

The Penn Museum Parking Garage accepts both cash and credit card payment options, providing convenience and flexibility for visitors. Whether you prefer to pay with cash or plastic, the garage has got you covered.

If you’re planning to attend an event at the museum, you have the option of pre-paying for your parking validation. This option is great for events that may attract a large number of people. By pre-paying, you avoid the hassle of paying at the parking garage during peak periods.

Discount Options

If you’re an early bird, you might be eligible for a special discount on daily parking rates. Visitors parking at the garage before 9 am can pay only $12 for the whole day, so if you’re an early riser, this is an excellent opportunity to save some money.

In addition to the Early Bird discount, visitors with a valid PennCard are eligible for a 10% discount off the daily parking rate. All you need to do is present your PennCard to the attendant when paying for your parking, and the discount will be applied automatically.

In conclusion, the Penn Museum Parking Garage offers a range of pricing and payment options designed to cater to the needs of visitors and regular parkers alike. With affordable hourly and daily rates, convenient payment options, and generous discount options, the garage is a reliable choice for all of your parking needs.

Accessibility at the Penn Museum Parking Garage

Accessibility is a top priority for the Penn Museum, and the parking garage is no exception. Found on the west side of the building, the garage is located in a convenient location in relation to the museum’s main entrance. It is also equipped with several accessibility features that aim to make the museum experience more enjoyable for all visitors.

ADA Compliance

The Penn Museum Parking Garage is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. This means that it offers accessible parking spots on the first level, which are closest to the elevator and provide visitors with easy access to the museum’s main entrance. The ADA-compliant spots are wider than traditional parking spaces, making it easier for visitors to maneuver mobility equipment in and out of their vehicle.

Visitors with disabilities should display their handicapped parking permit on the dashboard of their vehicle to take advantage of these spots.

Elevator Access

The parking garage features a spacious elevator that connects all levels directly to the entrance of the museum. This elevator is also ADA-compliant, with controls located at easy-to-reach heights and Braille plates for the visually impaired. Inside, there is plenty of space for wheelchairs so visitors can easily and comfortably navigate the museum without impediment.

For those who prefer to use the stairs, there is also a stairwell adjacent to the elevator that visitors can use to access each level.

Wheelchair Rental

The Penn Museum understands that visitors may require mobility assistance while touring the museum. As such, they offer wheelchair rental to guests, free of charge. Visitors can rent a wheelchair at the museum’s main desk.

The wheelchairs are comfortable and easy to maneuver, with elevating footrests and padded armrests for added comfort. The rental program is based on a first-come, first-served basis, and visitors can rent them for the duration of their visit.

Overall, accessibility is a key component in the design of the Penn Museum Parking Garage. It provides visitors with disabilities with equal opportunities to enjoy the museum experience and to access all areas of the facility.

Alternative Parking Options Near the Penn Museum

Visiting the Penn Museum in Philadelphia can be exciting, but parking can be a daunting task, especially for first-time visitors. However, there are alternative parking options available near the museum that visitors can consider.

Street Parking

One of the most popular alternative parking options near the Penn Museum is street parking. Visitors can park for free after 6 pm on weekdays and all day over the weekends. However, visitors need to be keen on the street parking signs indicating parking restrictions on certain days. Failing to observe these parking restrictions may lead to hefty parking fines, and it is essential to read and understand the signage before parking.

While street parking can be convenient, visitors should also know that it comes with its challenges. Finding a vacant parking spot can take time, especially during peak hours, and visitors may need to walk for a considerable distance to reach the museum.

Off-Street Parking Options

Another alternative parking option near the Penn Museum is off-street parking. Visitors can find several other private parking lots and garages near the museum, but they tend to be more expensive than the Penn Museum parking garage. Moreover, the parking lots and garages can be relatively far from the museum entrance, and visitors may need to walk for a considerable distance to reach the museum.

Some of the off-street parking options near the Penn Museum include the following:

  • Walnut Street Parking Garage – located at 201 S. 38th St., Philadelphia
  • Sheraton University City Hotel Parking Lot – located at 3549 Chestnut St., Philadelphia
  • Amtrak 30th Street Station Parking Garage – located at 3101 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Philadelphia

Visitors considering off-street parking options should be keen on the parking rates, read the signage, and understand the rules and regulations before parking.

Public Transport

Another alternative parking option near the Penn Museum is public transport. Philadelphia has an efficient public transport system, which includes buses, trains, and the subway system that run through the city and provide easy access to the museum.

Visitors can use the bus system to access the Penn Museum, and some of the local bus routes that stop near the museum include the following:

  • Routes 21 and 42
  • Route 12
  • Route 40

Visitors can also use the regional rail services provided by the SEPTA system to access the museum. The University City Station is the closest regional rail station to the museum, and visitors can take a short walk to the museum after alighting.

In addition, the city’s subway system provides access to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which is a short distance from the Penn Museum. Visitors can use the subway system and walk or use public bikes to the Penn Museum.

In summary, parking near the Penn Museum in Philadelphia can be challenging, but visitors can consider alternative parking options, including street parking, off-street parking, and public transport. Visitors should be keen on the parking signage and regulations, understand the parking rates, and consider parking in well-lit areas for their safety.

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