Explore History and Creativity at Play Street Museum Lake Highlands

Welcome to Play Street Museum Lake Highlands! Are you looking for a fun and educational experience for your children? Look no further than this museum, where history and creativity come to life. Located in Lake Highlands, Texas, the museum offers a variety of exhibits that explore the history of everyday life, such as the general store or the post office. Children can also engage in imaginative play in the museum’s various interactive areas, such as the construction site or the market. With so much to see and do, Play Street Museum Lake Highlands is the perfect destination for a family outing.

What is Play Street Museum Lake Highlands?

Play Street Museum Lake Highlands is a one-of-a-kind interactive children’s museum that was founded in 2016. The museum is created for children to explore, play and learn in a safe and imaginative environment. It is designed to give children a fun and engaging way to learn and develop key skills through hands-on activities, interactive exhibits, and imagination stations. Here’s everything you need to know about this unique museum experience in the heart of Lake Highlands.

Interactive Children’s Museum Experience

The Play Street Museum Lake Highlands offers an interactive and educational experience for children of all ages. This museum is designed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and social skills through play and exploration. The museum is open to children up to the age of 8 years old and their adults. The exhibits in the museum are thoughtfully designed and aim to inspire children’s curiosity and imagination.

Imagination Stations

The museum features imagination stations that are designed to build essential life skills in children. A grocery store allows children roleplay grocery shopping, checking out and restocking shelves. A doctor’s office allows children to play doctor, dentist, and patient. There is even a construction site where children can build and knock down structures using foam bricks and other soft play materials. All the stations in the museum are focused on building children’s imagination, problem-solving, and social-emotional skills.

Hands-On Learning

The exhibits in the Play Street Museum Lake Highlands are designed to promote hands-on learning and cognitive development. Each exhibit offers a unique, educational experience, but the focus is on STEM learning. The exhibits and stations are set up in a way that children can explore, discover, and learn about different subjects. Children are empowered to touch, manipulate, and interact with real-life objects and tools, which helps to bring their ideas to life and develop their critical thinking skills.

For example, in the “Gravity Wall” exhibit, children can drop golf balls and observe how they move through the wall maze. In the “Water Works” exhibit, children can explore the principles of water flow, surface tension, and viscosity through water play. Through these exhibits, children learn critical-thinking, problem-solving, and science concepts in a fun and interactive way.

Event Hosting and Field Trips

The Play Street Museum Lake Highlands also hosts birthday parties, field trips, and other special events. Birthday parties can be hosted during regular open-play hours or at a private event outside of standard hours. Private events can be held outside of museum business hours, providing an exclusive experience for the guests. Field trips to the museum allow children to learn and explore beyond their traditional classroom setting. The museum offers interactive and age-appropriate programs that complement curriculum-based learning objectives.


The Play Street Museum Lake Highlands is a unique and imaginative space designed for children’s play and learning. It provides a fun and interactive experience that allows children to explore, create, and grow in a safe and stimulating environment. If you are looking for an interactive and engaging museum experience that your children will love, consider visiting Play Street Museum Lake Highlands and see their little faces light up with wonder and joy.

Admission and Hours of Operation

One of the wonderful things about Play Street Museum Lake Highlands is that it’s open for both kids and adults. This museum welcomes families from all over the world to come and experience the exciting exhibits, activities, and events that it has to offer. If you’re curious about the admission fee and hours of operation, read on to learn more.

Admission Costs

Play Street Museum Lake Highlands is a non-profit organization, and their admission prices are reasonable for both children and adults. However, the fees vary depending on the day of the week and time of day. The museum offers discounted prices for groups of 10 and above.

For children below 12 months, admission is free. For children ages 1 to 8, the admission fee ranges from $12 to $16, depending on the day of the week and time of the day. For adults, the admission fee ranges from $5 to $7.

If you plan to visit the museum frequently, you may want to consider purchasing an annual membership. Annual memberships allow unlimited access to the museum throughout the year. The membership prices differ for families of 2, 3, or 4, and also for grandparents. Memberships also offer early access to special events, among other benefits.

Hours of Operation

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The timing varies from day to day, so it’s best to check their website or call the museum for the current schedule. The museum is closed on Mondays for private events and maintenance.

Special Events

The museum hosts special events such as birthday parties, field trips, and workshops. These events require advanced booking and may have additional fees. A birthday party package includes exclusive use of a party room, decorated tables, and a birthday party assistant. Field trips can be customized to support a school’s curriculum, and their workshops are ideal for kids who want to learn more about a specific topic.

In conclusion, Play Street Museum Lake Highlands is a family-friendly museum that offers a great educational experience for children and adults alike. While admission fees may vary, the museum offers discounts for groups and annual memberships for frequent visitors. The museum’s special events provide an exciting opportunity to learn and bond with your kids or students. Visit the museum website to learn more about everything it has to offer.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Masks and Social Distancing

At Play Street Museum Lake Highlands, the safety and wellbeing of visitors are of utmost importance. In accordance with the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health authorities, the museum requires visitors over the age of 2 to wear masks inside the facility. Additionally, social distancing is encouraged between different groups to minimize the risk of transmission.

The museum staff has implemented measures to ensure that all visitors comply with the mask-wearing and social distancing policies. Moreover, they have provided a pleasant and welcoming environment, despite the changes made. Bear in mind that visitors who don’t comply with the guidelines may be refused entry or asked to leave the facility.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Play Street Museum Lake Highlands follows enhanced cleaning protocols to maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout the facility. The cleaning staff disinfects frequently-touched surfaces such as door handles, play equipment, and restrooms regularly. Additionally, there are hand-sanitizing stations available throughout the museum for visitors to use at their convenience. Sanitary and hygiene practices are crucial in ensuring that every visitor feels safe during their visit to the museum.

Capacity Limits

In line with social distancing measures, the museum has reduced its capacity limits to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors. Visitors are required to purchase tickets in advance to make sure the capacity limits aren’t exceeded. This will also ensure that visitors who arrive at the museum don’t have to wait too long and can enjoy their playtime to the fullest. In addition, visitors are encouraged to arrive on time to ensure that safety measures are followed, and everyone has a chance to explore the museum.

Play Street Museum Lake Highlands remains committed to providing a safe environment for visitors of all ages to enjoy. The museum management regularly reviews and updates its COVID-19 safety policy in keeping with the local health guidelines and regulations. So, visitors can expect a relaxing, safe, and enjoyable visit to the museum, knowing the staff is consistently following the guidelines and regulations.

Tips for a Fun and Memorable Visit to the Play Street Museum Lake Highlands

Plan Ahead

Visiting the Play Street Museum Lake Highlands is an exciting experience that requires some planning before you go. To ensure a smooth and memorable visit, make sure to research the museum’s website for information about admission, hours of operation, and special events that may be happening during your visit. Consider arriving early or later in the day to avoid crowds, especially during peak hours. You should also check if they require any reservations or if there are any limitations to the number of people allowed per visit due to the COVID-19 regulations.

Bring Socks

Since the Play Street Museum Lake Highlands is a shoe-free environment, socks are mandatory to keep the floors clean and hygienic. Don’t forget to bring your own socks or purchase them at the front desk before entering. They also have socks available for children who have outgrown their original pair or haven’t come with any. Ensure that everyone in your group has socks, including adults, so that everyone has a chance to participate fully in the hands-on experience without any inconvenience.

Explore Together

The Play Street Museum Lake Highlands is an exciting and interactive environment that is designed for young children to explore and learn through play. Here, children can have a fun and educational experience, exploring and engaging with the exhibits, games, and activities. The museum emphasizes the importance of family involvement, encouraging parents to participate in the activities with their children and explore together. Watching and assisting your child in the exploration will give you a better insight into how they learn and what inspires them.

Engage with the Exhibits

The museum features a variety of exhibits, from a pet clinic to a grocery store, a construction site to a writing station and many more. All exhibits are designed with the participation of children in mind, so engage with the exhibits with your child; encourage them to participate in the role-play, experiments, and discovery games. The exhibits offer an excellent opportunity for immersive learning, as children are encouraged to make decisions, solve problems, and think creatively. They’ll build social skills, develop fine motor skills and learn about cause and effect.

Take Photos and Memories Home

With so much fun on offer, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment that you may forget to capture it for lasting memories. Use your phone to capture some candid photos of kids playing, learning, and exploring. Not only are they great share on social media, but they will remind you of a beautiful day and experiences that you shared with the family. Some kids may be camera shy, but it’s good to take a few snaps of them interacting with the exhibits and each other.

Playtime in the museum can get very involved, and between participating in the activities, taking breaks, and potty breaks, you may lose track of time. Take a moment to purchase a takeaway from the gift shop to remember the trip, from branded t-shirts to activity kits. These souvenirs will help keep the memories fresh, and you’ll have something to talk about in the coming days.

By following these tips, your trip to Play Street Museum Lake Highlands is guaranteed to be a fun and educational experience that the whole family will enjoy. Get your socks ready, bring along some snacks, and prepare for a day filled with creativity, imagination, and hands-on learning.

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