Exploring the Fascinating Art Collection at Rollins Museum of Art

Hello and welcome! Are you a lover of art? Perhaps you enjoy exploring museums and gallery collections? If so, then you’ll want to check out the Rollins Museum of Art, home to an impressive array of artwork spanning across different epochs and regions.

Introduction to Rollins Museum of Art

The Rollins Museum of Art (RMA) is an art museum located in Winter Park, Florida. The museum is affiliated with Rollins College, a private liberal arts college in the area. The museum is dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of art from various cultures and time periods. With its collection of over 5,000 pieces, the museum is a vital resource for students, faculty, and the community at large.

History of the Museum

The Rollins Museum of Art had its origins in the 1920s, when Rollins College began to collect artworks for its new campus. The college’s first president, George Morgan Ward, was a great collector of art and believed that the study of art was essential to a well-rounded education. In the decades that followed, the college continued to acquire works of art through donations and purchases.

In 1950, the Cornell Fine Arts Museum was established on the Rollins College campus. The museum was named after its benefactor, Alfonso Cornell, a local businessman and art collector. Over the years, the museum’s collection grew in size and scope, encompassing art from around the world and from different eras.

Eventually, the Cornell Fine Arts Museum outgrew its original space, and a new museum was built on the Rollins College campus in 2013. The new museum was designed by acclaimed architect Brooks + Scarpa and has won awards for its innovative design and eco-friendly features.

Location and Operating Hours

The Rollins Museum of Art is located at 1000 Holt Avenue on the Rollins College campus in Winter Park, Florida. The museum is open to the public, and admission is free. The museum is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The museum is closed on Mondays and major holidays.

Mission and Vision

The Rollins Museum of Art is committed to providing transformative experiences through art. The museum’s mission is to inspire dialogue, cultivate curiosity, and stimulate learning through diverse and engaging exhibitions and programs. The museum’s vision is to be a welcoming and inclusive space where all visitors can connect with and appreciate art.

The museum’s collection reflects its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, with works of art from different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. The museum also hosts a variety of exhibitions and programs throughout the year, including lectures, workshops, and community events.

Overall, the Rollins Museum of Art is a vital cultural institution that provides valuable educational and artistic opportunities to the Rollins College community and the wider public. Through its commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility, the museum is poised to remain a vibrant and vibrant community resource for years to come.

The Collection

The Rollins Museum of Art is a hidden gem in the heart of Winter Park, Florida. The museum boasts an impressive permanent collection as well as a rotating series of exhibitions that highlight both emerging and established artists. With over 5,000 works of art, the Rollins Museum of Art is a must-visit destination for art lovers and culture seekers alike.

Permanent Collection

The permanent collection at the Rollins Museum of Art features a diverse range of artwork that spans different periods, styles, and mediums. There are works from renowned painters such as Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali, as well as contemporary artists like Zhang Chun Hong, Doris Leeper, and Yayoi Kusama. The museum has a particular focus on American art and showcases exceptional works by luminaries like Jacob Lawrence, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jasper Johns. Beyond painting, the museum has an impressive collection of sculptures and photographs that are just as noteworthy.

One of the most significant pieces in the collection is the bronze sculpture “Annie” by Charles Marion Russell. This striking work depicts a Native American woman wrapped in blankets, with a look of stoic determination on her face. Another highlight is “The Red Mill at Speonk” by William Glackens, which captures a summer day in 1918, with vibrant colors and idyllic scenery. The permanent collection also includes a number of works by Rollins College alumni, including Clyde Butcher, a Florida-based photographer whose large-format prints capture the beauty of the state’s wilderness.


The Rollins Museum of Art hosts several temporary exhibitions throughout the year, featuring emerging and established artists from around the world. These exhibitions range from paintings and sculptures to multimedia installations and performance art. A recent exhibition titled “African American Art: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era, and Beyond” showcased over 100 works by African American artists, including several pieces by celebrated painter Romare Bearden. Another exhibition called “Earthbound” featured artwork that explored themes of nature and the environment.

Upcoming exhibitions at the Rollins Museum of Art include “Artechouse: Natura Obscura”, which is an immersive digital art experience that combines science, art, and technology. This exhibition will feature interactive installations by artists such as Haley Sharpe Design, Michael Theodore, and Natsuki Sugiyama. Another exhibition titled “The Seeing Machine: A Vital Force in American Art” will explore the relationship between photography and American art from the late 19th century to the present day. This exhibition will showcase works by artists such as Edward Steichen, Andy Warhol, and Cindy Sherman.

Recent Acquisitions

The Rollins Museum of Art is always expanding its collection, and the recent acquisitions section is a testament to the museum’s commitment to adding exciting new works to its holdings. Among the recent acquisitions is a sculpture called “Double Merge” by acclaimed artist Tara Donovan. This unique work was created by stacking thousands of individual index cards to create a visually stunning geometric form. The museum also recently acquired a painting called “The Lake Shore Limited” by David Park, which depicts a group of figures on a train. This piece is significant because it represents a shift in Park’s style, as he moved away from abstract expressionism towards a more figurative approach.

Another notable acquisition is a series of prints created by the artist Hung Liu, who is known for her inventive use of photography and printmaking techniques. These prints feature images of Chinese women from the early 20th century, and Liu has reworked them to create a new visual language that explores themes of identity and cultural memory.

Overall, the Rollins Museum of Art is an essential destination for anyone who loves art and wants to see a diverse range of works that span different periods, styles, and mediums. With its impressive permanent collection and exciting exhibitions, there is always something new and exciting to discover at this remarkable museum.

Visiting the Rollins Museum of Art

Rollins Museum of Art is one of the most popular cultural institutions in Winter Park, Florida. If you are eager to explore the historic collection of Florida’s art culture, then the Rollins Museum of Art is perfect for you. The museum aims to showcase and celebrate art in all forms and encourage the community to have an appreciation for the art world. We have gathered details about the various programs and facilities that the museum offers for visitors.

Tours and Education Programs

The Rollins Museum of Art offers several educational programs and tours for visitors of all ages. The museum ensures that every visitor, regardless of their level of interest in art, will be engaged and informed. Here is a brief overview of some of the tours and programs that the museum offers:

– Guided Tours: The museum offers both group and private tours, which are led by the museum’s expert guides. You can learn about the various artworks and artifacts that the museum houses. The guided tours take a deep dive into the history of Florida’s art and the significance of the art movements that are displayed at the museum.
– Workshops: Rollins Museum of Art organizes monthly workshops for visitors interested in art. These workshops can range from hands-on art activities to informational talks by local artists and experts in the art field.
– Educational Programs: The museum has several educational programs, specially designed for students of different age groups. These educational programs offer an opportunity for students to learn about art history, techniques, and cultural diversity through art.

The museum also offers audio tours, which one can access from their mobile device for free. The audio tour provides an interactive art experience, allowing visitors to spend time exploring each piece on their time and at their pace.

Facilities and Amenities

The Rollins Museum of Art provides various facilities and amenities to make the visitors’ experience enriched and comfortable. Here are some of the facilities and amenities available for visitors:

– Free Wi-Fi: The museum offers free Wi-Fi for visitors, making it easier for guests to search for information and posts about the artwork on social media.
– Museum Shop: Visitors can visit the museum shop to purchase souvenirs and take a piece of art home with them. The museum shop offers a wide variety of items inspired by the museum’s collection.
– Dining Options: Visitors can enjoy light snacks and refreshments at the museum’s café, located in the Winter Park campus. The café provides indoor and outdoor seating with scenic views of campus.

Tips for Visiting

Visiting the museum can be a rewarding experience, but it’s essential to plan ahead to ensure that you make the best of your visit. Here are some tips to help you plan your visit to the museum:

– Hours of Operation: The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm. The museum is closed on Mondays and major holidays.
– Admission: Admission to the museum is free. However, special exhibits may have an additional charge.
– Parking: There is ample parking available at the museum. Visitors can make use of a parking garage located in adjacent to the museum.
– Photography: Photography is permitted, but flash photography is not allowed as it can potentially damage some artworks.
– Plan Enough Time: You should allow 2 to 3 hours to explore all the exhibits of the museum. However, it’s advised to check the schedule of the museum’s tours and workshops to add on more time for the experience.

In conclusion, the Rollins Museum of Art is a museum that provides an enriching experience for anyone who wants to learn about the art and history of Florida. Visitors can learn more about the wide variety of programs and activities that the museum offers for various age groups. We hope this guide will be helpful for visitors planning to experience the Rollins Museum of Art.

Becoming a Member or Supporter

The Rollins Museum of Art offers several ways for visitors to become involved in supporting its mission of providing access to world-class art in its community. Whether it’s becoming a member, making a donation, or volunteering, there are several ways to contribute to the museum’s success.

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the Rollins Museum of Art offers several benefits, including free admission to the museum and special exhibitions. Additionally, members receive discounts at the museum shop, access to exclusive members-only events, and invitations to exhibition previews and lectures.

Membership levels and pricing vary, with options available for individuals, families, and students. Membership fees help to support the museum’s exhibitions and educational programs.

Being a member of the Rollins Museum of Art not only offers benefits to visitors but also shows support for the arts and cultural heritage in the community. By becoming a member, visitors help sustain the museum’s mission and contribute to the preservation of art for future generations.

Donations and Sponsorship

For those who wish to contribute more significantly to the Rollins Museum of Art, donations and sponsorship provide an opportunity to support the museum’s programs. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and help the museum to create and present new exhibitions, expand educational outreach, and maintain the museum’s collection.

The museum also offers corporate and individual sponsorship opportunities for exhibitions and events. Sponsors receive recognition on the museum’s website and in marketing materials, as well as special access to events and exhibitions.

Donations and sponsorship allow the Rollins Museum of Art to continue to provide access to world-class art and educational programs for the community. With the support of donors and sponsors, the museum can further its mission and offer opportunities for visitors to experience and appreciate the arts.


The Rollins Museum of Art welcomes volunteers who are passionate about the arts and want to contribute to the museum’s success. Volunteers play an essential role in helping the museum to provide quality programs and services to visitors.

Volunteer opportunities are available in various areas, including membership, special events, education, and visitor services. Volunteers can choose the area where they want to contribute their skills and interests.

Volunteers receive training and support from museum staff and have the opportunity to attend special events and exhibitions. Volunteering at the Rollins Museum of Art allows individuals to meet new people, gain valuable experience, and make a significant contribution to the arts community.

The Rollins Museum of Art relies on the support of volunteers to achieve its mission and provide quality programs and services to visitors. By volunteering, individuals can play an active role in helping the museum to achieve its goals and make a positive impact in the community.

In conclusion, becoming a member, making a donation, or volunteering at the Rollins Museum of Art provides various opportunities for individuals to contribute to the preservation and celebration of the arts in the community. The support of members, donors, and volunteers is essential to the museum’s success and the continued accessibility of art to visitors in its community.

Rollins Museum of Art: A Cultural Haven in Winter Park, FL

The Rollins Museum of Art, located in Winter Park, Florida, is a special cultural hub that showcases an extensive collection of contemporary art. Since its inception in 2000, the museum has remained a significant cultural center of the central Florida community.

A Walkthrough of the Rollins Museum of Art

The Rollins Museum of Art boasts of two vast galleries that are home to numerous exhibitions of contemporary art. The art on display ranges from modernist abstracts to photography exhibits, sculptures, and pop art pieces. The museum’s collection comprises of over 5,000 pieces of art, all of which combine to make Rollins Museum of Art a unique and valuable asset to the community.

One of the most notable exhibitions at the museum is the Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art. This collection, donated to the museum by Barbara and Ted Alfond, includes pieces created by emerging artists. The Alfond collection features a variety of colorful and playful artworks, and the gallery frequently updates the displays.

The museum also offers a large gallery space known as the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. Here, visitors can find displays of different artworks from various cultures and historical periods, representing more than 5,000 years of art. From ancient American art to contemporary pieces, the Cornell Fine Arts Museum is a must-see attraction at the Rollins Museum of Art.

Rollins Museum of Art: An Artistic Haven for Visitors

The Rollins Museum of Art is not just a place to see works of art, but a haven for those who want to learn about art. Through well-curated exhibits, museum tours, and educational programs, the museum has fostered an environment that promotes learning and encourages art appreciation. Visitors can attend free lectures, tours, and activities that help bring art history to life.

What’s more, the museum regularly collaborates with other galleries and museums, bringing in new art pieces for rotating exhibits. This partnership has contributed significantly to making the Rollins Museum of Art a place that is always buzzing with activity and new discoveries.

Why You Should Visit the Rollins Museum of Art

There are countless reasons to visit the Rollins Museum of Art. For one, it is an excellent opportunity to appreciate different art genres and learn how they can affect one’s perception of the world. Secondly, the museum offers a serene atmosphere that allows visitors to contemplate the art exhibits for extended periods.

For those who are passionate about contemporary art, the Rollins Museum of Art provides a platform to showcase their works. Artists and art enthusiasts can also participate in art seminars and conferences discussing new trends and techniques within the art world.

Final Thoughts on the Rollins Museum of Art’s Contribution to the Art World

The Rollins Museum of Art has had a significant impact on the Winter Park community. Through the museum’s engagement with the community, young artists have had the chance to showcase their works, and local schools have benefited from the free educational resources offered at the museum. Furthermore, the museum’s collection has served as a point of interest for local tourism, attracting visitors from different regions.

Overall, the Rollins Museum of Art has shown itself to be a vital cultural institution, not just in Florida but across the entire continent. As it celebrates its 21st birthday, the museum continues to showcase exciting exhibits that keep attracting visitors to explore the world of art more fully.

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