Discovering Art and History at the Scottsdale Museum

Welcome to the Scottsdale Museum where the past and present merge into a unique cultural experience. If you’re a lover of art and history, then this is the perfect place for you to explore. Located in the heart of downtown Scottsdale, the museum boasts a wide range of exhibits, collections, and educational programs that provide insight into the rich cultural heritage of the region. From contemporary art to local history, visitors can immerse themselves in the many stories and creations that make up the fabric of Scottsdale’s cultural landscape.

Explore the Scottsdale Museum

If you’re looking to delve deeper into the vibrant arts and culture scene of Arizona, the Scottsdale Museum is definitely worth a visit. Nestled in the heart of the downtown arts district, the museum is a hub of creative expression and community engagement.

Location and History

The Scottsdale Museum is located in the center of Arizona’s “West’s Most Western Town” and has been a fixture of the community since it opened its doors in 1999. It’s one of four branches of the Scottsdale Cultural Council, which is dedicated to promoting and fostering arts and culture in the region.

The museum itself is housed in a beautifully-designed, contemporary building that spans over 20,000 square feet. Its architecture seamlessly blends with the surrounding desert landscape, while also packing a powerful, modern punch that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Permanent and Rotating Exhibitions

The Scottsdale Museum is home to a vast collection of over 2,000 works of art, including pieces that span various styles, mediums, and eras. The exhibits are spread across four distinct galleries, each of which reflects different aspects of the museum’s vision and mission.

The permanent collection features a diverse range of art, from contemporary masterpieces to pieces that showcase the rich culture and heritage of the American West. There’s also an impressive collection of Native American art that memorializes the traditions, values, and histories of the tribes that have inhabited the region for centuries.

But, as with any great museum, the Scottsdale Museum is not content to remain stagnant. Instead, it welcomes new and exciting rotating exhibitions throughout the year that highlight even more fascinating and thought-provoking works of art. From photography to sculpture, paintings to installations, the diversity and quality of the Scottsdale Museum’s offerings are unparalleled.

Educational Programs and Events

The Scottsdale Museum is more than just a facility for displaying works of art. It’s also a thriving community center that offers educational programs and events for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Whether you’re a student looking to gain a deeper understanding of the art world or a family looking for a fun and enlightening day out, the museum has something to offer. Its educational programs include lectures, workshops, classes, and guided tours, all of which are designed to engage visitors and help them appreciate the beauty and complexity of the art on display.

Additionally, the museum hosts various events throughout the year that celebrate different aspects of art and culture. From cultural festivals to opening nights to family days, there’s always something new and exciting happening at the Scottsdale Museum.


The Scottsdale Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in exploring the rich art and culture scene of Arizona. With its stunning design, impressive collection, and wide range of educational programs and events, it’s a community institution that has something to offer for everyone. So come on down and discover the magic of the Scottsdale Museum for yourself!

Discover Current Exhibitions at Scottsdale Museum

Looking for a unique museum experience? Look no further than the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. This museum prides itself on showcasing the best in contemporary artwork and its exhibitions are always on the cutting edge of what’s new and exciting in the art world. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the current exhibitions that are on display at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

Experience “Wendy Maruyama: Executive Order 9066”

If you’re interested in the intersection between art and political history, then “Wendy Maruyama: Executive Order 9066” is an exhibition you must see. This exhibition features striking furniture pieces created by artist Wendy Maruyama, inspired by the forced internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Maruyama’s pieces are designed to be both beautiful and thought-provoking, evoking themes of loss, displacement, and confinement. This exhibition is a must-see for anyone interested in American history and contemporary art.

Experience “Push Comes to Pull”

If you prefer contemporary art that challenges the viewer, then “Push Comes to Pull” is an exhibition you’ll definitely want to check out. This exhibition showcases the work of several contemporary artists who explore the concept of physical and metaphorical tension. The artwork featured in this exhibition is both thought-provoking and visually striking, forcing viewers to question their assumptions about the world. Whether you’re an art lover or just looking for a unique museum experience, “Push Comes to Pull” is an exhibition that shouldn’t be missed.

Experience “Cross Currents: China Exports and the World Responds”

Do you ever wonder about the impact of globalization on culture? If so, “Cross Currents: China Exports and the World Responds” is an exhibition that you have to see. This exhibition explores the effects of globalization and cultural exchange by focusing on historical Chinese exports and their influence on global design. The exhibition’s centerpiece is a breathtaking collection of stunning porcelain pieces that demonstrate the remarkable artistic skill of Chinese craftsmen. This exhibition is a must-see for anyone interested in the ongoing evolution of global culture.

In conclusion, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is a cutting-edge museum that showcases some of the most exciting and thought-provoking artwork being created today. Whether you’re interested in political history, contemporary art, or the ongoing evolution of global culture, there’s an exhibition at the Scottsdale Museum that’s sure to pique your interest. So why wait? Plan your visit today and experience the best that contemporary art has to offer!

Upcoming Events at Scottsdale Museum

“Family Day: Art and Science”

Scottsdale Museum is hosting a Family Day event featuring art and science activities that children of all ages can enjoy. Held at the museum’s Outdoor Sculpture Garden, families can participate in a range of interactive activities that encourage learning through hands-on experience. Among the activities that families can expect include making art projects inspired by scientific discoveries, learning fun facts about art and science, and engaging in interactive displays that showcase the museum’s collection. The event aims to foster an appreciation for the arts and sciences in children while giving families a fun day out in Scottsdale.

“Speaker Series: Contemporary Architecture”

Join the Scottsdale Museum for a lecture series that focuses on contemporary architecture and its impact on the built environment. Led by industry experts, guests can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the discourse surrounding contemporary architecture, techniques used in its construction, and the possibilities it presents for the future. Through engaging lectures and discussions, visitors will walk away feeling informed about the history of architecture and the ways in which it benefits society. For those interested in architecture or design, this speaker series is an event not to be missed.

“ArtWalk: Scottsdale Museum”

The weekly ArtWalk event in Scottsdale gives visitors the opportunity to explore the galleries and exhibitions at the Scottsdale Museum for free every Thursday evening. Visitors can expect to see a diverse collection of contemporary art displays from local and international artists. The ArtWalk event offers a unique experience for viewers to engage with art, offering a chance to connect with and learn about different artists and their pieces. Whether you are a seasoned art enthusiast or just looking for a fun evening in Scottsdale, the ArtWalk event at the Scottsdale Museum is definitely worth checking out.

Visiting Scottsdale Museum

If you are planning on visiting Scottsdale, Arizona, then you must make time for Scottsdale Museum. Scottsdale Museum is one of the most visited museums in the city. It is a perfect opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the city and the surrounding areas. In this section, we will provide you with all the necessary details to make your visit to the Scottsdale Museum a memorable experience.

Hours and Admission

Scottsdale Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. The museum is closed on Mondays. The admission fee to the museum is $10 for adults, $7 for students and seniors, and it is free for children under 15 and museum members. The museum offers discounts to members of the military and their families. Admission includes access to all exhibitions, as well as any special programming or events.

Accessibility and Amenities

Scottsdale Museum is fully accessible, and there are no physical barriers that can hinder anyone from accessing the facility. The museum has elevators, ramps, and wheelchair-accessible restrooms. Visitors with disabilities can request additional assistance, such as sign interpreters, by getting in touch with the museum’s administration.

The museum is equipped with amenities that make the visitor’s experience a lot more pleasant. Right inside the museum, you’ll find a spacious, beautifully designed gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs, books, and other items. When you feel like taking a break, you can visit the cafe and lounge area and indulge in some snacks or beverages. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the museum, and visitors can use this to stay connected and share their experience.

Getting There

The Scottsdale Museum is located at 7374 E. 2nd St. in downtown Scottsdale, not too far from the bustling city of Phoenix. Visitors can easily get to the museum on their own, by using public transportation, or by utilizing ride-sharing services. The museum has ample parking for visitors who choose to drive their own vehicles.

You can reach the museum from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The museum’s location is approximately 9 miles from the airport. If you’re driving, take the Arizona Route 202 East from the airport, and after about 8 miles, take exit 7 for Scottsdale Road. Continue traveling north on Scottsdale Road for 2.3 miles to reach the museum.

You can also opt to take public transportation. You can take the Valley Metro Bus to the Scottsdale Museum. The bus route that goes to the museum is Route 72. Alternatively, you can use Uber or Lyft services to reach the museum conveniently and directly.

In conclusion, the Scottsdale Museum is a delightful and informative destination that caters to people of all ages. The museum provides visitors with a fantastic opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the region. With detailed information on hours, accessibility, and getting there, you should be well-equipped to plan your trip to the Scottsdale Museum.

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