Seattle Art Museum Hours: When to Plan Your Visit

Welcome art lovers, to the beautiful city of Seattle! A city known for its bustling markets, picturesque skyline, and strong music scene, Seattle is also home to one of the best art museums in the United States, the Seattle Art Museum. The Seattle Art Museum, located just steps away from the famous Pike Place Market, is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves art, culture, and history. But how do you plan your visit to the Seattle Art Museum, you ask? In this article, we will guide you through the Seattle Art Museum hours, so you can plan your visit accordingly and make the most of your time in Seattle!

Seattle Art Museum Hours

Are you planning on visiting the Seattle Art Museum (SAM)? Before you head out, it’s important to know the museum’s regular operating hours, as well as any special event or holiday hours that may affect your visit. In this article, we’ll break down the different hours that SAM operates on and provide you with all the information you need to plan your trip.

Regular Operating Hours

SAM is open to the public six days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday. On weekdays, the museum opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 5:00 PM. However, if you’re looking to visit the museum during an extended period, SAM offers longer operating hours on Thursdays and Fridays. On these days, the museum stays open until 9:00 PM, giving you ample time to explore all that SAM has to offer.

If you’re planning on visiting the museum during regular operating hours, it’s important to note that SAM is closed on Mondays. This gives the museum staff time to perform any necessary maintenance and ensure that everything is in tip-top shape before reopening to the public the following day.

Special Event Hours

Occasionally, SAM may hold special events outside of its regular hours. For example, the museum may host evening galas or private parties that require different operating hours. To avoid disappointment, it’s always a good idea to check the museum’s website for any updates on special event hours.

On the plus side, if you happen to be visiting SAM during a special event, you may be able to experience the museum in a whole new light. Special events at SAM often offer exclusive access to exhibits and galleries that aren’t typically open to the public, giving you a unique perspective on the art and artifacts on display.

Holiday Hours

It’s always best to double-check SAM’s operating hours if you plan on visiting during a major holiday. On holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, SAM may be closed to the public. To avoid any disappointment or confusion, we recommend checking SAM’s website in advance to confirm the museum’s holiday hours.

If you do end up visiting SAM during a holiday, keep in mind that the museum may be busier than usual due to increased tourism and foot traffic. Be sure to arrive early and book your tickets in advance, if possible, to avoid any long lines or wait times.


Now that you know the different operating hours that SAM offers, you can plan your visit accordingly. Whether you’re visiting during regular hours, special events, or holidays, SAM is sure to leave a lasting impression on you with its stunning exhibits and collections. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to SAM today!

Seattle Art Museum Hours

Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is a renowned museum located in downtown Seattle, Washington, known for its extensive collections of both local and international art. The museum features various exhibits and programs that showcase modern and contemporary art, American art, African art, Asian art, and more. SAM is open to the public and adheres to regular operating hours with some exceptions. Here’s what you need to know about the museum’s hours of operation.

Ticket Prices and Discounts

If you’re planning to visit the Seattle Art Museum, it’s essential to learn about the different ticket prices and discounts they offer. SAM’s admission ticket prices are based on residency and age, and rates may change without prior notice. Here’s a brief overview of SAM’s ticket prices:

General Admission

General admission ticket prices at the Seattle Art Museum depend on the visitor’s age and residency. Adult tickets for those aged 19-64 range from $19.99 to $29.99, depending on their residency. Youth tickets for children aged 6-18 are priced between $12.99 to $19.99, and children five years and below get to enter the museum for free.

Discounted Tickets

If you qualify for discounted admission tickets, you can save up to 40% off the regular ticket prices. SAM offers discounts for seniors aged 65 and above, students, and military personnel with valid ID. Discounts are also available for visitors who purchase tickets in advance, online, or in combination with other museums in the area.

Free Admission Days

There are various occasions when SAM offers free admission to visitors. For example, on the first Thursday of every month, admission is free, and the museum stays open until 9 pm. On these days, guests can take advantage of various tours and activities offered by SAM. Free admission is also available on occasions such as Martin Luther King Day and the May Day Celebration. Keep in mind that free admission days are often very busy, so you may want to plan accordingly or consider visiting on another day instead.

If you’re planning a trip to the Seattle Art Museum, it’s best to check their website or call ahead to confirm hours of operation and ticket prices. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, SAM offers a fantastic opportunity to explore diverse works of art and expand your knowledge of art and culture.

Getting to Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is a world-renowned art museum located in the heart of downtown Seattle. It is a must-see destination for visitors and locals alike. The museum has a vast collection of modern and contemporary art, Asian art, African art, American art, and Native American art. It is also one of the most visited museums in the Pacific Northwest. Here’s how you can get to SAM:

Public Transportation

One of the most convenient ways to get to SAM is by using public transportation. The museum is easily accessible by bus or light rail. Various stops and stations are located within walking distance of the museum. Bus routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 14, 15, 24, 26, 27, 28, 33, and 62 all have stops near the museum. If you are taking the light rail, the University Street Station and Pioneer Square Station are the closest to the museum. From either station, SAM is about a 10 to 15-minute walk away.

Driving and Parking

If you prefer to drive to SAM, you can park in nearby garages or on-street parking spots. However, keep in mind that parking in downtown Seattle can be challenging and expensive, so consider alternative transportation options. There are several parking garages located within walking distance of the museum, including the SAM garage, which offers discounted parking for museum visitors. If you are opting for on-street parking, be sure to check the parking time limit and the payment method to avoid getting a ticket.

Biking and Walking

SAM is located in the heart of downtown Seattle, making it easily accessible by foot or bike. Several bike racks are available near the entrance, so visitors can park their bikes and explore the museum on foot. Biking or walking to SAM is also a great way to avoid the heavy traffic and parking problems that often occur in downtown Seattle. The museum is surrounded by many shops, restaurants, and attractions, so visitors can easily spend the whole day exploring the city.

In conclusion, getting to Seattle Art Museum is easy and convenient, thanks to its central location and various transportation options. Whether you prefer to use public transportation, drive, bike, or walk, SAM is accessible to everyone. So, come and explore the many art collections housed in the impressive building, and immerse yourself in the world of art.

Seattle Art Museum Hours

The Seattle Art Museum is one of the most renowned museums in the Pacific Northwest. It features an extensive collection of contemporary and modern art, Renaissance paintings, ancient Asian art, and much more. If you’re planning a visit to this world-class museum, you’ll likely be wondering about the Seattle Art Museum hours, exhibitions, and collections. This guide will provide all the information you need to plan your visit to the Seattle Art Museum.

Exhibitions and Collections

The Seattle Art Museum features remarkable rotating exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing a diverse range of art from around the world. If you’re passionate about art, you will find something to marvel at in one of the museum’s many beautifully curated exhibits. From modern and contemporary art to historical paintings and sculptures, SAM has something for everyone. The museum’s incredible exhibits are made possible by its impressive collection of artwork.

Current Exhibitions

If you’re interested in visiting the museum, check SAM’s website for their current and upcoming exhibitions. The museum offers a variety of exhibitions throughout the year that appeal to all types of art enthusiasts. Whether you’re interested in contemporary art, traditional art, or something in between, you’re sure to enjoy one of the museum’s stunning exhibitions. One of the museum’s earliest exhibitions was “City of Tomorrow,” which explored the urban landscape and its potential for the future.

Permanent Collections

Aside from its temporary exhibitions, the Seattle Art Museum has an impressive collection of permanent artworks. The museum’s collection features art from Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. The collection includes everything from ancient pottery and textiles to contemporary sculptures and paintings. Some of the highlights of the collection include artwork by Alexander Calder, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Pablo Picasso. In addition to these famous artists, the collection includes lesser-known artists who have made significant contributions to the art world.

Interactive Programs

In addition to traditional exhibitions, the Seattle Art Museum offers a variety of interactive programs that allow visitors to engage with art in a more hands-on manner. The museum’s interactive programs include tours, workshops, and artist talks. Some programs are geared toward children, while others are designed for adults. The museum’s website offers a complete list of programs and events, making it easy to plan your visit around the programs that interest you the most.

In conclusion, the Seattle Art Museum is an outstanding destination for art lovers of all types. With a diverse range of rotating exhibitions, a rich permanent collection, and interactive programs, SAM offers an incredible experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Don’t forget to check the Seattle Art Museum hours and plan your visit to this top-tier museum today!

Dining and Shopping at SAM

Aside from its impressive collection of art from around the world, the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) also offers various dining and shopping options for visitors. These amenities add to SAM’s appeal as a destination for both cultural and leisure pursuits. Here are some of the dining and shopping options available at SAM:


Located on-site, SAM’s TASTE Cafe provides a convenient and delicious option for hungry museum-goers. The cafe serves up a range of dishes using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Visitors can choose from a selection of sandwiches, salads, and soups, as well as baked goods and desserts. TASTE Cafe also offers a variety of coffee, tea, and espresso drinks to fuel your exploration of the museum.

The cafe is open during regular museum hours, giving visitors the option to grab a quick snack or enjoy a full meal while they explore SAM’s galleries. Additionally, TASTE Cafe offers catering services for events hosted at the museum. Whether you’re attending a lecture, tour, or private event at SAM, the cafe can provide custom catering options to suit your tastes and preferences.

Pop-Up Shop

A visit to SAM wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Pop-Up Shop. This retail space is located within the museum and offers a carefully curated selection of unique gifts and souvenirs. Whether you’re looking for a book on your favorite artist, a piece of jewelry inspired by the museum’s collection, or a quirky toy for a child, the Pop-Up Shop has something for you.

The shop is open during regular museum hours, making it a convenient destination for visitors wishing to pick up a unique memento of their time at SAM. Shopping at the Pop-Up Shop also supports the museum; proceeds from sales go towards funding SAM’s exhibitions and programs.

Online Store

If you’re unable to visit SAM in person, or if you’re simply looking for additional shopping options, the museum also has an online store. The online store offers a wide selection of museum merchandise, including exclusive items and prints. Visitors can shop for books, art prints, accessories, and more from the comfort of their own homes.

Online orders can be shipped anywhere in the United States, making it easy for anyone to bring a piece of SAM’s collection into their own home. Whether you’re looking to expand your personal art collection or find a gift for a fellow art enthusiast, SAM’s online store offers a convenient and accessible shopping experience.

Overall, SAM’s dining and shopping options add to the museum’s overall appeal and make it a destination worth visiting for both art lovers and casual visitors alike. Whether you stop in for a quick coffee or spend the afternoon browsing the Pop-Up Shop, these amenities provide a unique and satisfying experience that complements SAM’s stunning collection of art.

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