Exploring Seattle’s Best Museums with the Seattle Library Museum Pass

Hello there! If you’re looking for an entertaining and educational way to spend your days in Seattle, you should definitely check out the city’s fantastic museums. And here’s an exciting news: with the Seattle Library Museum Pass, you can visit some of the most interesting museums in the area for free. From art to history, science to music, there’s a museum to suit every taste. So grab your pass and let’s go exploring Seattle’s best museums together!

Introduction: What is the Seattle Library Museum Pass?

The Seattle Library Museum Pass is a program designed to provide library cardholders with free access to various museums and cultural institutions in the Seattle area. This program is a great initiative that aims to promote community engagement and literacy by allowing people to experience the best of the city’s cultural attractions without having to pay admission fees.

Overview of the Pass

The Seattle Library Museum Pass program is an innovative initiative that provides access to some of the city’s best museums and cultural institutions. With a library card, you can check out passes to the following museums:

  • Seattle Art Museum
  • Seattle Asian Art Museum
  • Museum of Pop Culture
  • Pacific Science Center
  • Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience
  • Museum of Flight
  • Northwest African American Museum

Each of these museums has something unique and captivating to offer, allowing you to explore a diverse range of subjects and interests. The Seattle Library Museum Pass program is a great way to discover the city’s cultural treasures and enjoy an enriching experience without spending a dime.

Benefits of the Program

The Seattle Library Museum Pass program offers several benefits to library cardholders, including:

  • Free access to some of the city’s best museums and cultural institutions
  • The opportunity to learn about a variety of subjects and explore different parts of the world
  • A chance to engage with the local community and connect with other people who share similar interests
  • Promotion of literacy and education by providing access to learning experiences outside the classroom

Overall, the program is an excellent way to promote cultural enrichment and make the most of the city’s offerings.

How to Get a Pass

If you have a Seattle Public Library card, you can easily check out a museum pass from any library branch or reserve a pass online. Here is how to get a pass:

  1. Visit the Seattle Public Library website: https://www.spl.org/using-the-library/get-started/get-a-library-card
  2. Reserve a pass for the museum of your choice using your library card and PIN. You can reserve a pass up to 30 days in advance.
  3. Once you have reserved the pass, pick it up at any Seattle Public Library location. The pass is valid for one visit during a seven-day window from the date of issue.

It is important to note that museum passes cannot be renewed or returned to any other library location except the library where they were originally checked out.


The Seattle Library Museum Pass program is a fantastic opportunity for library cardholders to explore the city’s top museums and cultural institutions for free. The program provides access to a wide range of experiences and promotes community engagement and literacy. So, go ahead and get your pass today, discover new subjects, and engage with the local community!

Participating Institutions

The Seattle Public Library offers a unique opportunity for patrons to access some of the most renowned museums in Seattle through the Library’s museum pass program.

Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum, also known as SAM, is one of the most visited museums in Seattle. Located in downtown Seattle, it showcases artworks from around the world, from ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary art. SAM features several galleries with unique themes, including the Native American Gallery, which displays a collection of Pacific Northwest Native American art. The museum also has a range of educational programs such as guided tours, lectures, art-making workshops, and interactive exhibits.

Museum of Pop Culture

The Museum of Pop Culture, also known as MoPOP, is a must-visit for any fan of pop culture. Located at the Seattle Center, MoPOP showcases a vast collection of artifacts and stories of popular culture, including music, movies, television shows, video games, and much more. The museum features innovative exhibits that explore different aspects of pop culture, such as the largest collection of Jim Henson puppets, the history of video games, and the science fiction and fantasy hall of fame. MoPOP also offers interactive exhibits and educational programs for all ages.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

If you’re looking for a unique museum experience, look no further than the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum. Located at the Seattle Center, it features stunning glass sculptures by renowned artist Dale Chihuly set amid a beautifully landscaped garden. The museum’s exhibits include colorful glass installations, intricate drawings, and sketches that explore Chihuly’s creative process. Visitors can also take a stroll through the museum’s garden and see the sculptures in a natural setting. Chihuly Garden and Glass also offers educational programs such as guided tours, demonstrations, and workshops.

Overall, the Seattle Library Museum Pass allows library patrons to explore some of the best museums in Seattle and enhance their cultural experience. The program’s popularity speaks volumes about its effectiveness, and many people have taken advantage of this opportunity to gain access to the city’s premier art institutions.

Program Guidelines

The Seattle Public Library Museum Pass Program provides free admission to participating Seattle museums and cultural institutions. The pass program is a great way for families and individuals to visit local museums and learn about art, history, science, and technology. Here are some program guidelines to keep in mind:

Pass Availability

Passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved more than 30 days in advance. Passes can be checked out at any Seattle Public Library location with a valid library card. Each library location offers a different selection of passes, so it’s a good idea to check with multiple locations to find the pass for the museum you want to visit. Passes are valid for two weeks from the day they are checked out.

Pass Limitations

Passes are limited by museum availability and may have restrictions on how many people can visit with each pass. Some passes are valid for two people, while others can be used for up to four people. Passes cannot be renewed or returned late, so plan your visit accordingly. Also, please note that passes cannot be used for special exhibitions, events, or programs. If you’re not sure about the museum’s restrictions, please check the museum’s website or contact them directly before you visit.

Additional Information

When visiting a museum with a pass, participants are responsible for any fees or charges incurred during their visit. This may include additional fees for parking, audio tours, or special exhibitions. It’s a good idea to check the museum’s website for hours, parking information, and any other details you’ll need to plan your visit. Some museums offer free admission on certain days or times, so check for those as well. Remember to bring your library card and a photo ID when checking out a museum pass.

Overall, the Seattle Public Library Museum Pass Program is a great way to explore the culture and history of Seattle. By following these guidelines, you can make the most of your museum visit and take advantage of the free admission offered by the program.

Why You Should Take Advantage of the Seattle Library Museum Pass Program

Visiting Seattle’s museums and cultural institutions is a great way to explore the city’s rich history, art, and culture. However, the high cost of admission fees can discourage many people from enjoying these experiences. Fortunately, the Seattle Public Library’s Museum Pass Program can help make these cultural experiences more accessible and affordable to everyone.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages of the Seattle Library Museum Pass Program is the significant cost savings it offers. The program provides library cardholders with free admission to some of Seattle’s most popular museums and cultural institutions, including the Seattle Art Museum, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, and the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, among others. By using the museum passes, visitors can save up to $40 per visit, depending on the institution and the number of people in the group.

Community Engagement

Participating in the Seattle Library Museum Pass Program is not only a way to save money, but it also promotes community engagement and supports the library’s mission of promoting literacy and lifelong learning. By offering free access to community cultural institutions, the program encourages people from all walks of life to explore and appreciate the city’s diverse history, art, and culture.

Additionally, the library’s Museum Pass Program supports Seattle’s goal of becoming a more inclusive and equitable city. Many of the participating museums and cultural institutions highlight the experiences and contributions of underrepresented communities in Seattle, such as Asian-Pacific Americans, African Americans, and Indigenous peoples. By promoting the free access and engagement with these institutions, the library helps to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives within the Seattle community.

Easy Access

Getting a pass through the Seattle Library Museum Pass Program is easy and convenient. Passes can be reserved online through the library’s website or in person at any of the 27 library branches located throughout the city. Each pass provides free admission for two to four people, depending on the museum, and can be used once within seven days of borrowing.

Additionally, the library provides users with information about the participating museums and cultural institutions, including directions and hours of operation. This makes it easier for visitors to plan their trips and get the most out of their free admission.

Final Thoughts

The Seattle Library Museum Pass Program is an excellent way to save money while engaging with Seattle’s rich cultural heritage. By providing free access to museums and cultural institutions, the program promotes community engagement and supports the library’s mission of promoting lifelong learning and literacy. With easy access and convenient borrowing options, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this great program and explore some of Seattle’s best museums for free.

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