Discover The Fascinating History and Experience an Unforgettable Journey at The Train Museum Sacramento

Welcome to The Train Museum Sacramento, where you can journey through time and experience the rich history of the railroad industry. Established in 1976, this museum is dedicated to preserving the unique heritage and culture of the railroads. With various exhibits, interactive displays, and over 20 restored locomotives and cars, visitors can explore the fascinating history of the railroad industry and witness the advancements that have shaped the modern world we live in. Come and discover the stories behind the iconic trains at The Train Museum Sacramento, for an unforgettable journey that the whole family can enjoy.

Train Museum Sacramento: A Journey Through History

If you are a fan of trains and their evolution from the steam engine to modern locomotives, then a visit to the Train Museum Sacramento should be on your bucket list. Sacramento’s love affair with trains dates back to 1862 when the First Transcontinental Railroad connected from Sacramento to the East Coast, opening the way to a new era of transportation in America. Today, the museum stands as a symbol of the city’s deep connection to trains and railroads.


The Train Museum Sacramento offers visitors an immersive journey through the history of trains and how they impacted transportation in America. Situated in the heart of Sacramento, the museum has been a historical landmark since 1976 and has an impressive collection of restored trains, artifacts, and exhibits.


If you’re a train enthusiast, you’re in for a treat at the Train Museum Sacramento. The museum boasts of an extensive collection of old steam engines, freight cars, and passenger cars. Visitors can explore the various exhibits and learn about the evolution of trains and how they have transformed over the years. One of the highlights of the museum is the “Sierra Scene” exhibit, which is a giant model railroad that features breathtaking landscapes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is an impressive display of 2000 feet of track and 20 trains that run through a miniature world of towns, farms, and factories.

The “Construction Zone” exhibit is another must-visit for young visitors, where they can build their trains using wooden train tracks. Apart from this, visitors can also check out the exhibit, “Full-Scale Trains.” Here, they experience railroading history come alive with four steam locomotives, a diesel engine, and more than a dozen other pieces of rolling stock that illustrate the rich tradition of railroad technology.

Events and Activities

The museum offers visitors more than just a peek into the history of trains. The Sacramento Southern Railroad, one of the five operational railroad lines in California, offers train rides across the beautiful countryside. Visitors have the option of choosing between the short 6-mile journey or the longer 14-mile excursion that takes them through the famous Sacramento River and the picturesque Yolo County.

The museum hosts an array of exciting events and activities throughout the year. During Halloween, it’s the “Trick-or-Treat Train” where children dressed in costumes can board a train and go trick or treating. The holiday season sees the popular “Polar Express” event where families can hop onboard for a trip to the North Pole while enjoying hot chocolate and other treats.

For those who want a hands-on experience, the museum hosts “Engineer-for-a-day” programs where visitors can maneuver a real train and even blow the whistle. The museum also has a train simulator where visitors can experience the thrill of driving a train.


The Train Museum Sacramento is a treasure trove of fascinating exhibits and events that will appeal to both train enthusiasts and casual visitors. The museum is open throughout the year, and it’s best to plan your visit in advance to make the most of your time there. A trip to the museum is not just entertainment, but a fascinating journey into the rich tradition that trains have created in American history.

Planning Your Visit to the Train Museum Sacramento

Location and Hours

The Train Museum Sacramento is located in the historic Old Sacramento, which is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and picturesque surroundings. The museum is situated on the bustling K Street and is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

For visitors who prefer to drive to the museum, several parking garages are available nearby. The museum is also accessible by public transportation, with the nearby Amtrak station providing convenient access for those traveling from farther away.

Admission and Membership

The museum welcomes visitors of all ages and offers an affordable admission rate of $12 for adults and $6 for children. Seniors and military personnel can avail discounts on their tickets to make the experience more accessible.

For frequent visitors, the museum offers an annual membership program that comes loaded with unlimited admission and other exclusive benefits. Members can visit the museum as many times as they want throughout the year and also receive discounts on museum workshops and special events.

Accessibility and Amenities

The Train Museum Sacramento is designed to be fully accessible for visitors with disabilities. Elevators are located throughout the museum to give visitors of all abilities access to all exhibits and galleries.

Additionally, the museum boasts an array of amenities that cater to the needs of all visitors. The gift shop and café offer a wide selection of souvenirs and refreshments, while clean and well-maintained restrooms are readily available throughout the museum.

To enhance the experience for visitors, the museum also offers a free audio tour app. This app provides interesting commentary on the museum’s exhibits and collections, making it easier for visitors to explore and learn about the rich history of the American railroad.

If you’re planning a trip to Sacramento or are a local looking for a fun and educational day out, the Train Museum Sacramento is a must-visit attraction. With its fascinating exhibits, engaging activities, and welcoming atmosphere, the museum promises a memorable experience for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

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